KS2 Christmas Show

Wow, what an amazing show! Key Stage 2 have completed their four performances of ‘A Song for Christmas’. It was no mean feat getting all 210 children in Key Stage 2 up on stage, but the result was absolutely fantastic! Each year group sang a song they have been working on since October. The choir were able to perform, including the senior choir, and the whole Key Stage joined together in singing two songs as well.

Thank you so much to all the parents who came, the KS2 staff for their tireless efforts and FS and KS1 staff for their support as well. A huge well done to all the children for working so hard. Now we just need to get those catchy songs out of our heads!

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3 Responses to KS2 Christmas Show

  1. mum&dad says:

    I couldn’t stop crying when children sang “Silent Night”, it was beautiful, all songs were beautiful !!!

  2. Michal's mum says:

    Still recalling the magic atmosphere and their beautiful voices

  3. Husnain ali and maliha mum says:

    lovely video best Christmas show!

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