‘ Sticky Knowledge’

To help us remember key facts linked to our History Topic of ‘ The Industrial Revolution’ last half term, we created a presentation in groups to perform in front of one another. Each group were set in ‘Mixed ability pairs’ and were given : 

*Display paper

*Our Topic books 



*A pack of pens


Year 6 then had to provide a presentation which focused all on the learning that took place during last half term. To help us remember throughout the year, we have created a display in the Year 6 area which focuses on all the key facts, we even used some ‘ spider diagrams’ created for the presentations. 

What did you enjoy most about this lesson? 

Miss Stockton x 

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Sports Assembly !

Last week Year 6S had their Sports Assembly! It was fantastic to see so many loved ones supporting their children! It was a fantastic event!

Which race was your favourite? 

Miss Stockton 

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Smiley reward

This term Oxford Grove have had the fabulous T-REX smiley reward where we got to see a live dinosaur in action! We learnt lots of key facts about dinosaurs, science and fossils.

Then we split off into our groups to create our own films using green screen! We had so much fun during our morning! What did you enjoy the most?


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Art in Year 6!

We have finally completed our assessment in Art 🙂 Year 6 were asked to recreate a picture taken during P.E on the Key Stage 2 playground in the style of Lowry. We had to think about how to ensure we used matchstick men to represent the different pupils and how to use our landscape sketching skills to draw the houses/ buildings in the background.

What did you enjoy about this task?

What did you find the most difficult?

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Reading our very own stories!

Year 6 have been sharing their ‘Detective Stories’ with children across the school!

Year 3, 4 , 5 and 6 have been given their very own printed copy of a book created by Year 6s English group to allow them to be able to read different ‘Fiction Stories’ written by their class friends 🙂 

Year 6 have also had opportunities to read their own stories to children across the school ! 

If you would like a Year 6 to read you their story, let Miss Stockton know 🙂 

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In Year 6 so far, we have learnt a lot about the Industrial Revolution…

During the Industrial Revolution, poor children often worked full time jobs in order to help support their families. Children as young as four years old worked long hours in factories under dangerous conditions. The practice of child labour continued throughout much of the Industrial Revolution until laws were eventually passed that made child labour illegal.

See the source image
Do you agree ? Why ? Why not?
Miss Stockton

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See the source imageIn our Maths group, we are currently working on multiplication.

Use our method to answer the following multiplications:

24 x 2 = 

36 x 3=

49 x 4 = 

56 x 6 = 

Miss Stockton 🙂

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Writing in Year 6 !

See the source image

This week in our English lessons, we have started our new English genre. We are currently writing our very ‘Detective story’ based on our class novel ‘ Storm Breaker’. We have had some amazing work created so far …… 

What is the name of your detective and can you give a short description of him/her?

What is the crime that has taken place in your story?

What clues and puzzles have you given to the reader? 

Miss Stockton x 

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Image result for lowry industrial landscape

This week in our Art lessons, we have started to sketch one of Lowry’s Industrial Landscape paintings.

We split the painting up into Foreground, middle ground and background.

Our next step will be to use watercolours to produce a final piece.

What have you found hard so far?

Miss Stockton

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Apply for a secondary school place

Thank you to all parents who attended our Year 6 SATs and transition meeting.

Please follow the link to apply for a secondary school place for your child: https://www.bolton.gov.uk/admissions/secondary-school-places

Please click the links below to access the September 2020 secondary school admissions letter and booklet:



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