World Book Day!

World Book Day is an amazing chance to discuss all the different genres of books we enjoy, talk about different authors and recommend books to our friends.

In Year 6, we spent our literacy lesson today discussing why we enjoy reading and what some of our favourite books are. We had a range from fiction, non-fiction, cookery books and even comics! We discussed why it is so important to share our favourite books with one another.

Year 6 also discussed WHY we like reading, we said we enjoyed characters, plot twists and the language that is used.


What’s your favourite book?

Who’s your favourite author?

Why do you love reading?


Miss Jarvis x

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Year 6S Hobby day!

On the last day of term, Year 6 celebrated ‘Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing week’ by dressing up as their favourite hobbies.

We learnt all about keeping a healthy mind and how we can do this. We discussed ways to keep healthy, thought about how we can be kind to one another and spread kindness. In the afternoon, we showcased our unique hobbies.

How can you keep a healthy mind and body Year 6?

What did you dress up as for hobby day?

Here are some pictures from the day:


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Mr Bamfords Samba Workshop!

As part of our Year 6 topic this term we are looking at South America and the countries in South America! This includes Brazil! Year 6 have been lucky enough to have a workshop with Mr Bamford and play some Brazillian musical instruments to create a Samba piece! I was so impressed with the piece of music we created year 6!


Can you remember what any of the instruments where called?

What did you enjoy most? 

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E-safety Week !

Today Year 6 explored how photos that are shared online can potentially stay there forever and may reach a wider audience than they intended. We considered how photos create an impression of our character and personality (online reputation) and we used this knowledge to develop a strategy to help decide if a photo/image is okay to share online or not.




We then made our own online promise to follow. What promise did you make?

Miss Stockon.

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Maths working wall!

In our mixed year 5 and 6 class, we’ve been working on angles, statistics and our target  which is:

‘Can I recall equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages and apply this to context?’

We also have a weekly investigation where our top finishers can try to work out the challenge!

Take a look at some of our class in the working area and investigating the challenge…


Miss Jarvis x

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Artist workshop!

Year 6 have been extremely lucky this week to take part in a workshop with an artist!

Look what we created!






What did you enjoy most?

Miss Jarvis, Miss Stockton and Mrs Calland x x

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Being gay isn’t a bad thing, so don’t call bad things gay…

Today, Year 6 took part in a Homophobia vs Football workshop. We had a discussion about what homophobia was and the effect this can have on others.

We took part in different scenarios and spoke about how we could help stop this from happening.

What did you learn today ? What did you enjoy the most about this workshop?

Miss Stockton, Mrs Calland and Miss Jarvis x

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A life!

At Oxford Grove last week, the whole school was lucky enough to have a special visitor! The A life team came in to talk to Y6 about healthy eating, good habits and how important exercise is!

Year Six had a workshop in the hall where we went around to lots of different activities, these activities were all about how important it is to maintain a healthy diet, keep exercising daily (even if it means going on a walk) and to keep good habits like washing daily, brushing our teeth twice a day and using deodorant to help us smell nice!

We also had the chance to take part in a circuit workshop where we got all sweaty!

This was an enjoyable day for Y6! Thanks A LIFE! 

What was your favourite part? What did you learn?


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Silent letters ..

Image result for silent letters

This week we have been learning to spell words with silent letters. We have been learning the following spellings for homework: 


Can you tell me which letters are silent within the above words? 

Miss Stockton xx 


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6S have enjoyed taking part in physical activity over the last few months at Oxford Grove. In Autumn 1 they had 5 weeks to learn and perform a Gymnastic routine which contained 5 different movements including : a Travel, a balance, a travel, a jump and a roll. The children had to perform their routine in front of the class who then had to give a  score out of 10.

Once the children had performed their routine individually, they then had to work in groups of 4 to complete a similar routine. In the final week as a treat for all 6S’ hard work and effort all of the apparatus was set up around the hall including table tops, climbing frames, benches and mats. The class had a great time exploring all of these using the skills learnt over the last 5 weeks.

Autumn 2

Invasion games…… 6S began the term learning about skills and tactics needed when playing in a team game. Teamwork, respect and fairness were some of the behaviours taught in this topic which allowed the children to gain a good understanding of how they should behave in a team situation. Working our way up from the basics of throwing and catching, attacking and defending and finally communication skills the class was ready to transfer these skills into a game situation. These games included Benchball and Dodgeball until the busy Christmas period put a halt to proceedings.

It has been great to watch the class improve on their skills over the last few months and I am looking forward to continuing this in the new year.

Which was your favourite PE lesson?

What new skills have you learnt?

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