The Military Reward!

This week 5S took part in a fun-filled Smiley reward. The military came into school and we spent the afternoon doing team building activities with a variety of equipment.

What equipment did you enjoy using the most?

What acitivity did you find the most difficult?

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4 Responses to The Military Reward!

  1. 0272013mb says:

    This was such a fun smiley reward, we learned so much about military and how soldiers practise before going to battle! We had to build a gun and use teamwork to make our team win, and then we had a bouncy castle where we had to jump through letter posts, climb on ladders, climb through tunnels and slide down slides! This smiley reward was more than I expected!! We also had to do more teamwork by moving 2 or 4 tennis balls by a thin platform to the fence! 20/05/19 was the best day of my life! 😀

  2. 0272013lc says:

    I really enjoyed this smiley reward I think it was one of the best rewards at Oxford grove so far.My favourite part about it was when we has the inflatable assault course.I am looking forward to the next amazing smiley reward! I wonder what it could be?

  3. 0272013ar says:

    I really enjoyed the military reward it was amazing I hope they come back to our amazing school my favourite part about the military was the bouncy castle because we could race our firends!

  4. 0272013gp says:

    I loved this day! My favourite part of this was when we had a race on the bouncy castle it was so fun to go up and down the slide and other things! Did you like it? I also liked the teem games are so good but the best was following the right instructions and getting it right ready to win or at least try super hard . This was the best day I have ever had at oxford grove. What did you think? I liked meeting the army expert . It was amazing to actually fell like I was in the army. I loved it. How about you?

    By grace

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