E-safety Week !

Today Year 6 explored how photos that are shared online can potentially stay there forever and may reach a wider audience than they intended. We considered how photos create an impression of our character and personality (online reputation) and we used this knowledge to develop a strategy to help decide if a photo/image is okay to share online or not.




We then made our own online promise to follow. What promise did you make?

Miss Stockon.

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3 Responses to E-safety Week !

  1. 0272011hp says:

    I primed to :
    Be kind to my friends
    Keep secrets to my self
    Don’t put any information or pictures with out any permission
    I want spread any think that Neto W what a to keep a secret
    Miss Lowe was teaching us on this day

  2. 0272011ed says:

    We made are own promise for online so we could stay safe and make sure we are including everyone is included in what we do because we are a family at Oxford grove and this lesson showed me a lot

  3. 0272011ba says:

    I really enjoyed that lesson and I learned lots about never posting /saving pictures on social media without permission. The promise I made was to never post /save pictures without permission and to always include people in group chats.

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