Artist workshop!

Year 6 have been extremely lucky this week to take part in a workshop with an artist!

Look what we created!






What did you enjoy most?

Miss Jarvis, Miss Stockton and Mrs Calland x x

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3 Responses to Artist workshop!

  1. 0272011hs says:

    KS2 went to the artist called Tim and we made the birds for the display. I enjoy art and I do at home as well; it’s fun to .

  2. 0272011hp says:

    This was the best day ever.
    I loved when me and Jessica was gluing and sticking this was the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. 0272011ba says:

    Amazing ,autstanding,incredible .This was the best day ever, it was really fun . Me ,Preston and Natalia worked very hard on decorating our bird fo a
    marvellous display. Art is one of the things I really enjoy doing, I do it at home too and it is really fun . I hope everyone (ks2) have enjoyed it. Thank you sooo
    much Miss Harvey and Miss Day for this opportunity .❤❤

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