Silent letters ..

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This week we have been learning to spell words with silent letters. We have been learning the following spellings for homework: 


Can you tell me which letters are silent within the above words? 

Miss Stockton xx 


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4 Responses to Silent letters ..

  1. 0272011mh says:

    silent letters are awesome because you learn new things
    by me and mh

  2. 0272011hs says:

    thumb, bomb, comb, lamb, light, flight, fight, answer, doubt, island, wrap, catch, knee, knife, knew , know

  3. 0272011mf says:

    The silent are knife, lamb and more.

  4. 0272011ba says:

    This week was a really silent week . What we have been learning this week was SILENT LETTERS ! With in the above letters the silent letters are: 🙂 🙂 :D:D 😀
    limb = b
    climb = b
    bomb =b
    thumb = b
    scent = c
    science =c
    scene = c
    scenic = c
    scissors = c
    ascend = c
    descend = c
    crescent = c

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