6S have enjoyed taking part in physical activity over the last few months at Oxford Grove. In Autumn 1 they had 5 weeks to learn and perform a Gymnastic routine which contained 5 different movements including : a Travel, a balance, a travel, a jump and a roll. The children had to perform their routine in front of the class who then had to give a  score out of 10.

Once the children had performed their routine individually, they then had to work in groups of 4 to complete a similar routine. In the final week as a treat for all 6S’ hard work and effort all of the apparatus was set up around the hall including table tops, climbing frames, benches and mats. The class had a great time exploring all of these using the skills learnt over the last 5 weeks.

Autumn 2

Invasion games…… 6S began the term learning about skills and tactics needed when playing in a team game. Teamwork, respect and fairness were some of the behaviours taught in this topic which allowed the children to gain a good understanding of how they should behave in a team situation. Working our way up from the basics of throwing and catching, attacking and defending and finally communication skills the class was ready to transfer these skills into a game situation. These games included Benchball and Dodgeball until the busy Christmas period put a halt to proceedings.

It has been great to watch the class improve on their skills over the last few months and I am looking forward to continuing this in the new year.

Which was your favourite PE lesson?

What new skills have you learnt?

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