Maths in Year 6!

Recently in maths, Year 6 have been practising their times tables to make every skill we learn in maths easier! We have also been learning about area, perimeter and volume! This week we calculated the cost price of making our biscuits in our current DT topic! This is to find out how much profit we will make!


Can anyone remind me what units we write area and volume in?

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  1. Jamie Year 6S says:

    We write area in centimetre squared or (cm2)

  2. 0272011mf says:

    Area is 2 units
    Volume area is 3 units
    By malaika

  3. 0272011am says:


  4. 0272011ar says:

    In our times table test I got 100/100! We write area in units squared. We write volume in length and width .

  5. Faizan says:

    Area is and unit squared and volume units cubed.

  6. Jamie Year 6S says:

    We write area in cm2 and area in cm3

  7. 0272011ba says:

    Currently what we are working in math this year is area , perimeter and volume . I think for area we write in squared and for volume we write in cubed. I really enjoyed this math session.:) 🙂 🙂

  8. Mujtaba says:

    We write area in 2(squared) and we write volume in 3(cubed)

  9. Preston says:


  10. 0272011eh says:

    We write area in square cm.

  11. 0272011mh says:

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  12. 0272011mf says:

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  13. 0272011ba says:

    As we all know that math is very important and hard at the same time , but it is very fun too. Well in year 6 we do both; in fact this year we are working on mean ,median , mode , range and pie charts . To find the mean u have to add all the numbers together and then divide by how many units are there for median u order them from smallest to biggest and then find the middle number, mode is an easy one all you do is look at what the difference is between the biggest and the smallest number.
    By Besma 🙂 🙂

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