Inclusion at Oxford Grove!

In a few weeks, ALL children in Year 6 have been invited to take part in a ‘Crucial Crew’ trip paid for by the school to help support with their Transition to their chosen highschools. It is generally accepted that children start to become more independent at this age and are often expected to cope increasingly on their own and deal with changes in their lives, such as a move to Secondary school.

No matter which highschool you have chosen, this trip will help you to understand what to expect and will support everyone with this 🙂 We are really looking forward to this opportunity !

Pictures will be uploaded to share with other classes and people visiting out blog , keep an eye out …….. 


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Reading in Year 6

This week we have started our new class novel -Good Night Mr Tom 🙂Image result for Good night Mr Tom

Can you summarise what has happened so far?

What do you predict will happen next? 

Can you also clarify these key words from Chapter one, we went through these in our lesson ? 

Flagstone pathway
Poplar tree
Well-clad branches
Rapping knuckles
Black and white collie

Miss Stockton 



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Year 6 Assembly

This week was our last ever Year 6 Assembly!
We only had one rehearsal and all worked as a team to ensure we did a good job! We showed our parents and Key Stage 2 the Art work we produced in Autumn 2 linked to Lowry!Miss Stocktonx

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Broughton House – Ex Service Men and Women

The winners of our WWII presentation day experienced their well earned trip to Broughton House. Broughton House is home to ex service men and women , some of whom were in WWII. We got to explore the museum on the top floor and speak to the different residents. It was a fantastic trip!

what did you enjoy the most about this trip?

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To kick start our half term, we all took part in an A-Life Workshop. To kick start the morning, were given the chance to take part in mini tasks related to health, fitness and life choices. In the afternoon, we then took part in circuit fitness activities 🙂 It was a fantastic day!

What did you enjoy the most? What did you learn?
Miss Stockton

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Today marked our final day of our Topic on WWII! The whole of Year 6 have been working up to this finale point to have a chance to win an opportunity to visit a residential home for ex service men and women. 

Everyone worked extremely hard and the presentations were fantastic filled with facts, songs and acting! 

Well done to all of Year 6! The winners of the trip should be very proud ! 

Miss Stockton x 


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Science in Year 6

In Year 6, we have been learning all about light! We have learnt which materials reflect light the best and how light travels. We have been applying this knowledge to an investigation where we made periscopes! Following this we have written our own detailed set of instructions on how to make a periscope!

What can you remember from our topic?

Can you tell me what the key words: opaque, translucent and transparent mean?

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Hindu Temple !

Today, Year 6 visited the Hindu temple and were able to reflect and extend their current knowledge of ‘Hinduism’. 

We watched a Hindu Celebration and listened to a presentation all about this religion! We found out all about why Hindu’s respect the five senses and why they are central to the religion! We had such a good morning!


What did you enjoy about this morning?

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Poppy Workshop !

Yesterday, Year 6 were lucky enough to take part in an ‘Remembrance Workshop’ linked to their current Topic , WWI/WWII .

They were able to remember those who sacrificed their lives for us  and express this through this use of Dance, Art and Poetry. 

At the end of the day, Year 6 were able to perform in front of the rest of the Key Stage. 


What did you enjoy about this workshop? 

Miss Stockton 

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This morning both Year 6 classes went on a trip to a Hindu temple. First they had to put their hi-vis jackets on over their coats and then they were ready to set off. Because the temple wasn’t that far, they walked there. On their way, they all could hear cars whizzing past, birds singing and the bells from the temple relentlessly clashing. Once they arrived, they took their coats off and sat down to listen to a lady sing. After that, a man came and gave the children an extraordinary and informative in site of the Hinduism religion.

Shortly after, the man told the children to explore and that if they had any questions to just ask. After exploring, the man sat everyone down and answered all of their questions. After much more information, the children started to put their coats back on and headed back to school. Once they were back it was 11:10am so they went into their classrooms and carried on for the rest of the day.

I am sure that all the children learnt extremely much and  would love to go again! 


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