Bridgewater Hall in Manchester


On Monday evening , our Choir performed at the Bridgewater Hall! This was a fantastic evening and they sang beautifully! All staff came to show their support and were amazed at how brilliant they were! 

Well done to all of the choir and thank you to parents who came to support this wonderful evening.

Miss Stockton. 

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Next week in our new Year 6 Transition class we will be starting our new R.E Topic – Hinduism ! 

Image result for hinduism for children

What do you know about this religion already? What would you like to find out? 

Miss Stockton.

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Parental Involvement :)



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This half term has been fantastic so far and we have had lots of support from our parents, friends and family of children within Year 5.

So far, we have had a ‘Reading morning’ where our parents were invited to attend a Reading session to help their children and find out tips and strategies they could use to help support them at home 🙂 This was a great success!!

On Monday 24th June, we will have our WRL Summer Fair. Parents across the school are invited to come to our stalls and purchase items their children have made 🙂 There will also be lots of food and drink to choose from with some exciting games being lead by our staff 🙂 In Year 5, we will be selling Jewellery and can not wait to show them off to our parents !

Finally, this half term we have booked a lot of competitions and our parents have been invited to attend 🙂 Its great to see familiar faces at our games and to see them cheering us on! Hopefully the sun will come out next week, so our next competitions that are booked, can go ahead:)

Thank you to all parents for their support so far!

Miss Stockton and Year 5 🙂

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Our Class Novel …


See the source image

Today we read Chapter Four of our Class Novel. Can you answer the following questions? 

1. How was Daniel and Gracie feeling at the start of the chapter? (Page 44)
They were happy because the storm was over,
‘It’s alright though.’
2. How do you think the children were feeling when they reached the empty beach? Use evidence from the text. (Page 45)
3. Why do you think Daniel said nothing when they were searching the beach? (Page 45)
4. Why was Gracie relieved that there was no trace of a boat or oar? (Page 45)
5. When Gracie and Daniel made their way to Great Par, how were they feeling? Use evidence from the text to support your answer. (Page 46)
6. Why did Daniel whisper ‘There’s no smoke’ to Gracie? What was he thinking? Think about why he whispered. (Page 46)
7. If you were Gracie or Daniel, would you have entered the cottage? Yes or No? Why? Can you use evidence from the text to support your answer? (Page 46)

We will mark your answers 🙂 Miss Stockton and Miss king 

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Next week , we will begin to research our new Artist for Year 6, Lowry 🙂 

We will be creating an information leaflet all about him and his life. 

Do you know any facts about Lowry? 

Miss Stockton x 


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Transition !

Image result for moving up day

This week at Oxford Grove, we have been working in our new classrooms with our new teachers in the afternoons!

In Year 6, we have started our new Topic on the ‘ Industrial Revolution’ 🙂 We started off by completing a KWL chart and then looked at images from ‘Pre Revolution time period to the Post Revolution time period’. 

What did you learn in this lesson? 

Can you tell me what differences you found when comparing the pictures?

Miss Stockton x 

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Problem solving using our times tables knowledge!

Today we used our times tables knowledge to answer different problems working with our buddy 🙂

Which problem did you find the most difficult and why?


Miss Stockton and Miss King x

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The Military Reward!

This week 5S took part in a fun-filled Smiley reward. The military came into school and we spent the afternoon doing team building activities with a variety of equipment.

What equipment did you enjoy using the most?

What acitivity did you find the most difficult?

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Our local librarian visits Oxford Grove …

This afternoon, we had a special visitor from our local library. She read us some stories using fantastic expression ! We found out about all the different kind of books we could access at the library 🙂 Have you ever been to a library?

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This week the fantastic year 6s are having their end of year SATs. The school timetable has been scheduled differently this week. The  year 6s are having a really hard time but this will show what they have learnt over the years. Also the amazing year 2s are having their SATs but the year 6s SATs are more important because this score will be taken to secondry school.

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