Year 6 PE Assembly

This afternoon Year 6 all came together to take part in our PE assembly. We had a great time taking part in lots of different races and earning stickers for coming first, second, third and fourth. We took turns to run a running race, egg and spoon race, jumping race and we even had to balance a bean bag on our heads for one of the races. Which race did you like best? Was there a race you found harder than the others? 

Well done Year 6 on a fantastic PE assembly! 


Did you enjoy our PE assembly? 

What did you enjoy? 

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Cross-curricular learning…

In our Art lessons we have been learning about the artist Henri Rousseau. Henri was inspired by the jungle and rainforest. We have been learning about the rainforest in our Geography lessons and English lessons too, to support our subject knowledge. We created some pictures in the style of Henri Rousseau, using our knowledge of the rainforest from Geography, we added some rainforest animals to our sketches. Miss Bimson ( our Art Subject Lead) also provided us with a WAGOLL to show us what she expects from our Year sixes to achieve the standard. We used this to help us sketch our own ideas and I think she will be very impressed with our final Art pieces! 

Can you tell me which shading technique you used?

Soon, our Art pieces will be displayed in our Key Stage 2 area for everyone to see! 

Here are some pictures of us creating our sketches:

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Homophobic Anti-bullying workshop

This week,  Year 6 took part in a homophobic anti-bullying workshop where we learnt about different families, different relationships and why it’s important to learn that we should care about each other regardless of who we love.

We shared stories and realised that all the families in our class were different and that’s ok! We thought how we might feel if we were bullied and worked hard to come up with some brilliant adjectives to describe this! Well done for a sensible afternoon Year 6! I hope you took something valuable away from this session. 
Miss Stockton

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Mental Health and Well-being is important…

This morning, Our UKS2 children took part in a ‘Mental Health and well-being’ assembly to help support us through these difficult times. The assembly taught us new coping measures to help us think more positively and cope when things get tough. We took part in some activities to show how we were feeling and how we could help one another. 
What did you learn today? 
Miss Stockton

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Celebrating Black History Month

This month, we are celebrating the lives of important black women and men. At Oxford Grove, we are one family, we recognise everyone is different within our family and celebrate this. 

Competition time : Can you create a project linked to a famous person related to Our Black History and hand this into Miss Jarvis before the end of the month 🙂 

Good Luck!

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Rainforest art!

6S started their new art topic today, all about rainforest art. We started by sketching a few leaves and working on adding details such as shading. We will move on to creating our own rainforest masterpieces by the end of this topic. This is one of my favourite lessons to teach, what do you think about it 6S?

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Hot seating !

This morning, within our guided read lesson, we carried out a ‘hot seating’ activity and we took on the role of Will from our current novel ‘Running Wild’. We got to think of lots of questions to ask and we answered them using our current knowledge from our book. 

What questions did you have? 

Miss Stockton

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Year 6 – Bolton Mile

As we draw closer towards our final few weeks of the School Games Bolton Mile virtual competition, we have been presented with class certificates to reward us for our dedication and effort whilst taking part. 

Tomorrow morning, some children will also be rewarded with First, Second and Third place certificates for the times they have currently achieved when completing the mile track. 

Well done for everyone who has worked hard to beat their personal best each week and to those people who tried even harder to have a chance at being entered into a cluster competition!

What has been your fastest time so far? 

Miss Stockton

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Our Maths Area

This week, within our Maths lessons, we will be using the written method for addition and subtraction. Within our Maths area there are lots of problem solving activities for us to try which require us to apply our knowledge of adding and subtracting. 

Have you had a go at our problem solving challenges? 

Miss Stockton

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Anti-bullying virtual assembly

This morning, across our school, we all took part in a virtual ‘Anti-bullying assembly’. We got to watch lots of famous celebrities speak about their experiences of being bullied when they were young and how they dealt with it. Lots of tips were given to us to help stomp out bullying and support one another who may be suffering in silence. lots of information was provided about how we can become an Anti-bullying Ambassador for our school and the impact this has!

What did you learn this morning? What can you do to help? Do you want to become an Ambassador? Why? 
Miss Stockton X

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