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It’s A Mystery…

Our classroom clock has stopped! Mrs Thompson’s maths group have calculated that it MUST have stopped at 2:15am – that is in the middle of the night! What do you think has happened, Year 3? What magical or mysterious things do … Continue reading

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Cross Curricular Maths and Reading

This week, we have started our new topic by completing lots of cross-curricular learning! Our new topic is Who are the British? We started off by using plasticene to make a model of what we thought our country looked like. When … Continue reading

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Right Angles in the Environment

Today, Mrs Thompson’s maths group have enjoyed working outside (even though it was a bit damp!) We learned about angles in shapes, and we took our right angle checkers outside to see if we could spot any right angles in … Continue reading

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We love MyMaths!

In Mrs Thompson’s maths group, we love MyMaths! We love practising our maths skills on the games, and getting to apply what we have learnt in our lessons. What is your favourite thing to do on MyMaths?

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Make Your Own Measuring Cylinders

Today, we have been creating our own measuring cylinders from plastic cups.  First, we estimated how much water they would hold. Then we decided that we would fill the small measuring jugs we already had and pour this in to … Continue reading

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Maths – Safe Challenge

Every week, one group of children in Mrs Thompson’s maths group take on the SAFE CHALLENGE! They have to complete a mathematical challenge to crack the code and open the safe! Well done to the children today who added and subtracted … Continue reading

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King of Maths

We have been using an app called King of Maths Junior! We have worked on the class iPads to access this app. It lets us practise lots of different maths skills, and apply these quickly. Mrs Thompson’s Maths Group – … Continue reading

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3D Shape Modelling

We have been making 3D shapes using blu-tac and artstraws! We looked at the 2D faces and the number of edges and vertices to held us build cubes, square-based pyramids, triangle-based pyramids (tetrahedrons) and triangular prisms.

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Maths – Addition facts

In Mrs Thompson’s maths groups, we are working on our addition facts to help us with lots of other learning in maths. You can use MyMaths to practise your learning, or why not try this Fruit Splat Addition game? CHALLENGE! … Continue reading

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