The Life Caravan

Today, we went to visit the life caravan where we met Rachel. In the caravan, we looked at and discussed our emotions and feelings. We had lots of different statement and we worked as a team to decide which order they went in (from most important to least). In the end, we decided that all of them were important and that it is important to understand our emotional needs.

After that, we moved onto looking at our human body and the processes that go on inside the body. Our focus for this part of the session was discussing drugs and medication. We focused partially on caffeine and how it is in lots of different drinks like energy drinks. The main point of this was to discuss how these can badly effect our body. What was the best energy drink we could have?

The brain then told us all about smoking and the negative effects it can have on our heart and other organs in our body. How many people choose to smoke? Can you remember what percentage of teenagers chose to smoke?

After we had discussed these issues, we then talked about being assertive and being able to say no to peer pressure in the end, we did some role play where we told our friends no we didn’t want to do something.

Can you tell me any facts your have learnt in the life caravan?




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Oxford Grove’s parents do Maths :)

This morning we had a Maths morning and parents were invited into our school to see how we learn maths and to help them teach us at home. In Miss Stockton and Miss King’s group we got to show the parents how we answer addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions using our written methods. Parents were given WAGOLLS to show them how we set out our methods and even got the answer booklets to mark their child’s work. It was a fantastic event and lots of adults across the whole school attended. Thank you to everyone for their support.

*What did you enjoy the most about this morning?

*Do you think this has helped your adult to support you with your homework at home?

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A trip to the Mosque!

Today, Year 5 went on a school trip to visit the Zakariyya mosque in Bolton. When we arrived, we were introduced to our tour guide for the morning and were told we had to take our shoes off as this was a rule in all mosques.

The first room we visited was the wash room were people could go to clean body area before they went to prayer. Did you know that you aren’t allowed to touch the book – the Quran – until you have washed the certain area? What parts do people have to wash?

Next, we went to the female part of the mosque where only females are allowed to go. They have their own prayer room, kitchen, storage room and other areas.

Up the steep stairs was the main prayer hall where only men could go. Here is where we learnt all about prayers and the five pillars of Islam. Can you remember what they are? Tell me some facts about the prayers.

Finally, we visited the library. In the library, there were lots of religious books that people were allowed to take out and read. What were the two pictures of in the library?

We had a fabulous morning learning all about the mosque and Islam. What was your favourite part?

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World Book Day

Today, we celebrated World Book Day! We all came dressed up as a book character and brought our favourite book to school. In literacy, we wrote all about our favourite characters and books in our guided read books and then completed a book review. After that, we learnt all about why World Book day was invented and about the organisation that organised the day. In the afternoon, we were even visited by a poet called Matt Goodfellow.

What did you dress up as? What’s your favourite book?

What was your favourite part of the day?

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Matt Goodfellow!

Today, we were visited by Matt Goodfellow – a brilliant poet- and had a fabulous assembly where we listened and joined in with lots of poems that he has written.

in the afternoon, we then had a workshop all about writing poetry. We listened to a story about a boy who said he couldn’t write poetry from another school and how he went on to write his own brilliant poems. After that, we wrote our own poems all about praising someone we love.

Can you write me your poem below?

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Smiley Reward – Zulu dancers

Today, we had our smiley reward! We were so excited because we knew that the Zulu dancers were coming in.

In the morning, we had an exciting assembly where the whole school saw the Zulu dancers perform! Some children even got to join in at the front learning some dance moves from South Africa and also doing some well known dance moves like the floss. One Zulu dancer – Dana – even did a back flip and the worm!

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This week, we have talking about the different types of families people may have. We have read different books focusing on how it is important to understand that lots of people have different types. People may live with their two mums, two dads or a mum and dad etc.

Who do you live with?

We have talked about how it is important to be aware and tolerant of different family types.

At Oxford Grove, we have received the Stonewall award which we are going to be renewing in the future! We are proud to be a school who has taken part in this and received this fabulous award. Throughout the year, we are going to be doing lots more work on different areas of stonewall such as gender identity!

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Football vs Homophobia 2019

Today, we had an assembly and workshop all about homophobia! We have talked all about how we should be challenging discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression in football.

We took part in an activity where the girls were sent to the back of the room and Miss said that girls were rubbish at football. We discussed how this was wrong and how we need to be aware that just because of our gender we cannot discriminate people.

Another area we talked about was stereotypes. We looked at what this means and gave some examples of this. Can you tell me what it means and give me some examples?

What did you learn from this workshop?

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Being a good friend!

At Oxford Grove, we pride ourselves in being kind to each other and ensuring that we are good friends! We have been working on this recently and have been choosing someone every day to receive an award for being a good friend. We are looking out for children who are helping each other,  being kind and going the extra mile to be a good friend. Miss Harvey is looking for those children who have received this award continuously to receive an even bigger prize!

Have you won the good friend award?

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Science in 5K!

This term, our new topic in Science is all about Materials and their properties. So far, we have learnt about different types of properties?

Can you tell me some properties of materials and what they mean?

Today, we are going to look into different scientists who have discovered materials and their properties. Tell me about a scientist you have learnt about today.

Keep watching out for our Science posters…coming soon!


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