End of Year Reports

Good morning Y5, I hope you all had a nice weekend and are keeping safe.

Today I would like you to complete a very important job. In school, we are busy writing your reports and we need you to complete your report comment which your parents get to read. So, you need to write a paragraph (this can either be done on teams and sent to me privately / you can write it in your workbooks and take a picture and send it on teams or you can simply comment on our Reports blog on the whole school website, Year 5 class page ).
In the paragraph you need to include:
• What you have enjoyed this year.
• What your favourite subject has been.
• What your favourite school trip has been
• What you are going to miss
• Any thank you’s you want to give
• What you are looking forward to next year
• This needs to be done and sent back to me by the end of the day.

Blogging Competition

Just a reminder that we are re-launching our blogging competition! How exciting!
This is for parents and children, and will be judged on the most good quality comments across all of our blog sites. You can comment on our blog on any device, such as mobile phones, tablets or PCs. Parents do not need to log in to leave comments—please see the ‘How to Blog for Parents’ information on our website.

The prize is £50 in Argos vouchers.
The competition will start from Monday 15th June and finish just before the end of term, on Wednesday 15th July.

So everyone get blogging – I can’t wait to read your comments. 

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9 Responses to End of Year Reports

  1. 0272014bm says:

    I wrote my end of year comment in my workbook then Mrs Allen rang me and asked me to read this over the phone. I was a little nervous at first but once I had finished I felt proud of myself 🙂 Thank you Mrs Allen

  2. 0272014ma says:

    Ok, I sure will do! This sounds exciting! I will surely start!

  3. 0272014mm says:

    I’ve done my report over the phone. I’ve enjoyed year 5 very much though. Thank you teachers who taught me.

  4. 0272014kk says:

    Thank you Mrs Allen for this fantastic year in year 5. I enjoyed it and had much fun but I’m looking forward for year 6.

  5. Wisale Himmoud says:

    I have done my report over the phone . I really enjoyed learning a lot of new things in year 5 . But I am still looking forward to year 6 !!!

  6. Wisale Himmoud says:

    I am so excited I can’t wait for next week. I wonder who will win????

  7. 0272014ma says:

    I will really miss Year 5 But we all grow up and I am very exited to go in year 6!!! Thanks Teachers for making school a wonderful place!!!

  8. 0272014wh says:

    Is the competition going to end today??

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