Computing in Year 6

This term in computing we’ve been showing off our computing skills in Microsoft word and Microsoft Powerpoint. We started by revisiting and remembering all our key skills such as creating text boxes, tables, snipping pictures and adding transitions/animations! We’ll be moving onto creating our own information text on the War using one of these softwares! What new skills have you learned?


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5 Responses to Computing in Year 6

  1. Alizah says:

    I have learned how to do a comparison table and a normal table.

  2. Ayan says:

    I have enjoyed being at crucial crew because it helped me understand why we have rules and I hope we have another trip like that

  3. 0272013fd says:

    I have enjoyed computing! I have learned so many skills this half-term. The skills I have learned are how to snip a picture and how to make a table/chart. I am excited to make a PowerPoint about the war!!

  4. Husna says:

    During this term, I have learnt many computing skills such as, using sound, images, text, transitions, hyperlinks in presentations.

  5. Sukayna says:

    Best thing I have learnt is to in computering is how to hyperlink in a quiz to make the correct answer go to the correct page and the wrong answer go to the wrong page was very fun to find out when I found out how to do itI helped everyone around me.

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