Inclusion is when you make everyone feel included and treat everyone equally. At school we do things like welcome books to tell new children about their classroom, language ambassadors so that if a child speaks another language the ambassadors can help that child and clubs which anyone can join.

In our lessons we also learn why it is so important to make everyone feel included. We have buddies in school that we can talk to if we’re upset and Mr Almond runs a well being club. We also have ‘Stonewall’ which teaches us all about the different families and the different structures of family that we might have in our school. 

I love Oxford Grove and our family!

About Husna

My name is Husna Bano and I am 8 years old, I have 2 sisters, I am the middle sister. I like read, write and play fun games.
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  1. Daniel says:

    I really liked crucial crew because we all got to do fun activities and figure out clues we all so we got scared and fell over because some guy jump-scared us even the teachers got scared we all so was told that if you go on a train track it’s a 1000 pound find.

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