6J assembly!

A huge well done to 6J for their class assembly – you were brilliant. Together as a class we taught the rest of the school all about WW2 which is such an important topic to learn about. Well done for a fab assembly – I am so proud of each and every one of you 🙂

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6 Responses to 6J assembly!

  1. 0272013mb1 says:

    I loved learning about ww2 because our lean lots of different planes and did you know that Germans was the won who made wold war happen

  2. Mischa says:

    I really enjoyed our assembly and i thought it was very good because we didn’t’t practise much and I loved the acting at the start and throughout the assembly. The Anderson shelters that people made were fabulous and must have put lots of effort into them

    By Mischa

  3. 0272013fd says:

    I enjoyed our class assembly!! The best bit I enjoyed about the assembly was acting and when I got to read my work to the school and the parents. My dad and sister loved my writing and all my friends did. I also loved all the costumes that some people in our class wore.

  4. Husna says:

    Even though I missed the assembly, I still think it was very good. Everyone’s costumes and Anderson shelters looked amazing!

  5. Alizah says:

    I really enjoyed the assembly and I loved learning all about WW2. WW2 is probably the best history topic that I learnt.

  6. Alizah says:

    I loved making the Anderson shelters and doing posters all about WW2.

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