Broughton House – Soldiers in the war.

The winners of our WWII presentation day experienced their well earned trip to Broughton House. Broughton House is home to ex service men and women , some of whom were in WWII. We got to explore the museum on the top floor and speak to the different residents. It was a fantastic trip!

what did you enjoy the most about this trip?

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3 Responses to Broughton House – Soldiers in the war.

  1. 0272013fd says:

    I loved going to Broughton House! Everything there was amazing like all the artifacts. My favourite part was asking what it was like to be in the war. We even got to wear some of the soldiers’ hats. It was awesome!! I would love to go there again!!

  2. Husna says:

    It was soooo cool meeting real veterans. I definitely learned a lot more about WW2.

  3. Alizah says:

    I am sure the people that went loved it and probably had some great questions to ask about WW2 and also probably had a great experience. I am happy for the people that went.

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