Hindu Temple

Today we visited the Hindu Temple and learned all about the different Hindu Gods/Goddesses. We watched a Hindu Celebration and listen to a presentation all about the religion! We found out all about why Hindu’s respect the five senses and why they are central to the religion! We had such a good morning! 

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4 Responses to Hindu Temple

  1. 0272013fr says:

    I enjoyed visiting the temple I have learnt a lot since then.

  2. 0272013za says:

    I enjoyed the festival at the Hindu temple when they sang and put the candles on ( the candles smelt nice ). We all sang together and the man told us all about the Hindus religion I enjoyed it.

  3. 0272013fd says:

    I loved the Hindu Temple because there was so many gods and models of the gods. I remember the man, an old women and a lady did a chant that lasted for 30 minutes. The man told us all about why they light up candles and why they have so many gods. I never knew there were so much about the Hindu religion.

  4. Hina says:

    I really enjoyed visiting the Hindu temple as I also believe in the Hindu religion my favorite part was when we did the ceremony. I have also learnt a lot since the trip and I hope to learn more since then.

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