Anti-bullying week

It was Anti-bullying week this week and in Year 6 we discussed all the different types of bullying including online bullying and what we can can do to help. In our lessons, we have created a leaflet which helps people who are being bullied and reminds them of all the strategies to help!

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  1. 0272013fd says:

    I enjoyed doing this project! I enjoyed making leaflets about anti-bullying. My favourite leaflet was Mena’s, Karimas and Hinas. I liked my leaflet as well. I hope that some people will stop bullying people and realise that it’s bad.

  2. Husna says:

    Here are some strategies to help bullied children:
    -Stand tall and be brave.
    -Feel good about you.
    -Get a buddy
    -Ignore the bully.
    -Stand up for yourself.
    -Don’t bully back.
    -Don’t show your feelings.
    Tell an adult.

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