Writing in Year 6!

In 6J’s English class we have been looking at MYTHS AND LEGENDS! We read Perseus and the Gorgon’s head and thought about the structure of a myth. This then inspired us to write our own myths with our own fantastic beast! Miss Jarvis is really looking forward to reading your finished pieces of writing and making a class book of myths and legends for other people to enjoy!

What is your myth about?

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4 Responses to Writing in Year 6!

  1. 0272013gp says:

    My myth is about a Foxon a half dragon half fox animal. I loved describing my monster in my myth . I love myths and can’t wait to write another! Thank you miss Jarvis for helping me with my myth.

  2. 0272013is says:

    I loves writing this it is probably the best topic in English we have had I wish we could write more but the myth top is I think done

  3. Husna says:

    My story was about Perseus having a dream about a beast with spikes killing all the people of Athens. Perseus has to go to the underworld to slaughter it.

  4. Fatima says:

    Mine was about a Human cyclops

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