Our new class artist – Ed Chapman!

Over the past two weeks, we have been transitioning into our new classes for the next academic year. We have started looking at our new Art topic – mosaics – which is linked to our History topic (Ancient Greeks).

Our new class artist is called Ed Chapman. We spent an afternoon researched all about Ed and his work.. We then produced an information leaflet telling people all the incredible facts about him. Can you tell me anything you have learnt about him?

Do you like his pieces of art? Why?

Image result for ed chapman

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2 Responses to Our new class artist – Ed Chapman!

  1. 0272013mm says:

    I like his art because it look cool it look kind of looks pixelated too.

  2. Lewis says:

    I’m learning about Richard Arkwright with miss Jarvis if you didn’t know he has 13 siblings!!! He invented the water frame and the spinning frame!!!

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