Amazing Reading Books!

This term 5k have been reading amazing books and we had a little vote. We voted on which books are more intresting either Tom Gates or Harry Potter.

The results are in:

Tom gates:25

Harry Potter:7

What is your favourite book? 


Image result for tom gates                   Image result for harry potter series


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14 Responses to Amazing Reading Books!

  1. 0272013mb1 says:

    I love to read a book about diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever .❤️

  2. 0272013jg says:

    My best books are diary of a Wimpy kid. Hes sow funny becouse he makes everyone laugh!

  3. Andreea-Elisa says:

    My favourite books are Tom Gates because it’s fun to find out what Tom does, but Harry Potter is a good book too.

  4. Krisztofer says:

    I like Harry Potter better because I think his books are really interesting and have a lot of story

  5. Emaan says:

    My favourite book is Tom Gates because it is really fun and interesting to read.I also have other favourite books that I like reading.My favourite thing about reading is that it can have interesting facts.

  6. 0272013mm says:

    My favourite is Harry Potter because it more adventurous and has lots of cool creatures.

  7. 0272013mm says:

    My favourite book is Harry Potter because it more adventurous and has lots of cool creatures.

  8. Shan says:

    Mine is Harry Potter

  9. Oliver says:

    I like harry Potter because it has lots of story and blows your mind with joyfulness.

  10. Andreea-Elisa says:

    I like Tom Gates

  11. 0272013mb1 says:

    I love tom gats

  12. 0272013fr says:

    My Favourite book is Harry Potter because I enjoy seeing him use his wand on bad people.

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