This week in Maths, we have been focusing on cracking the code using our knowledge of all four operations. Can you tell me what they are and what methods we use to work the calculations out?

In one of our lesson, we had to answer the calculations to work out the value of each letter then use the letters to find out the mathematical words.


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3 Responses to Maths

  1. Harvey says:

    I like doing Math because it is fun and you can learn more things.

  2. Husnain-Ali says:

    I like math because it is like a puzzle and if you learn and focus in class it will be easy

  3. 0272013fd says:

    I love maths even when it is tricky. Maths is hard at first but once you do a lesson on it, it will be a lot easier. the calculations that we used are addition, subtraction. times and dividing.

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