Maths Maths Maths!

In Miss Jarvis’s maths group, we have had a problem solving week where we have used our investigation skills to solve lots of different problems involving:

  • Decimals
  • Percentages
  • Fractions
  • Measures
  • Four operations

We used RUDELY to read, underline, decide, estimate then solve our problem and Miss Jarvis thinks our problem solving skills are improving massively!

Well done my maths group!

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11 Responses to Maths Maths Maths!

  1. 0272013ap says:

    thank you Miss Jarvis for helping me with my Maths because I want to get far with Maths to succeed.i have fun doing Maths because i like learning it so i can do better in year six.if i learn more about fractions,percentages,decimals,ratio,word problems and common factors. please can we have a few more lessons on this.

    from Aashika

  2. Fatima says:

    I liked to do the measure problems because it is very challenging and i like to push myself in doing better. I’ve got a few problems for you:
    1.Anne has to travel a distance of 20km. She travels 15km on a
    train and 3.5km on a bus. She walks the rest of the way. How
    far does she have to walk?
    2. I want to make 12 cakes. If I know that 6kg of flour is enough
    for 36 cakes, how much flour will I need?
    3. My car travels 30km for every litre of fuel I put in. A litre of fuel
    costs £1.25. How far can I drive for £12.50?
    r you:

  3. Jacob Olujobi says:

    I like when we use Rudely because it helps us with our problems, also helps to read the question carefully. I like it when it is fun and you get to learn more about decimals, percentages, fractions and measures. I like when we do word problems and two step problems. It also helps with our tests that is coming up!

  4. hussain monaf says:

    I really enjoyed solving the problems because they really got my brain thinking.

  5. 0272013zg says:

    I really like Miss Jarvis’s maths group. Why? Because we do all sort of fun stuff in books and on paper. When I say paper I mean like doing some 3d Nets work on cuboids, triangular prisms and more. We all work hard on different lessons but I really think I work hard on maths. Plus, the best lesson I have ever had in maths is actually … all of them!

  6. Farah says:

    I really enjoy maths! Did you know, maths is my favourite subject. Hopefully everyone did great on their reasoning test. I find fraction the easiest. What is your favourite lesson? Thank you Miss Jarvis for helping me in maths.

  7. 0272013gp says:

    Before I tried rudely with miss Jarvis I struggled a bit with problems and now I am much better. thx miss Jarvis.

  8. Rayyan says:

    I enjoyed this topic. My fravourite was doing percentages involving word problems because it was tricky and I like tricky because you get to learn more things. What was yours!

  9. 0272013mm1 says:

    I love doing mathematics because it helps me inspire my knowledge and mostly makes my brain confused ➕➖➗✖️ . My favourite type of mathematics is word problems because it helps to read like 20% of.

  10. Taylor says:


  11. 0272013ma says:

    I love maths because some maths lessons were easy but some were hard. But I found maths interesting.

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