This afternoon, Year 5K have been learning all about Easter. We discussed why Easter is an important celebration for Christians. We made Easter cards for someone special with lots of things related to Easter on them: eggs, chicks, bunnies and lots more.

What did you put on your card?
Why is Easter important to Christians?

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8 Responses to Easter!

  1. 0272013lc says:

    Easter is a Christian celebration were they celebrate Jesus coming back to life after he died. That is the reasons why we have Easter eggs because chickens have chicks and chicks come out of eggs to start a new life. So when you are eating your chocolate eggs just remember it is to remember Jesus coming back to life.

  2. 0272013es says:

    Easter is so important to Christians because it was when Jesus was born.

  3. 0272013mg says:

    Easter is important to Christians because Jesus rose from the dead and he is the son of god and merry and joseph and we had a fun lesson because we got to learn about how Christians celebrate Easter.

  4. 0272013fd says:

    Easter is important to christians because it was when Jesus was born. I enjoyed Easter and making Easter cards. Hopefully everyone had a good time.

  5. Daniel says:

    I really enjoyed my Easter we went Blackpool me and my cousins had a Easter egg hunt it was really fun.

  6. Ayan says:

    I enjoyed my Easter holidays because I watched an Easter movie with family during the movie we made some Easter jokes like have a cracking Easter we laughed with excitement.

  7. 0272013sd says:

    Easter is very important for Christian like Ramadan Is important to Muslims (celebration is for remembering important things like your god and family).

  8. 0272013fd says:

    Easter is an important celebration because it was when Jesus was born again. Its kinda like how a chicken lays eggs and they hatch into chicks! I enjoyed making our easter and mine was for Karima!

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