The Pop Project – Smiley Reward

Today, we had a great morning at our smiley reward (The Pop Project). We watched a performance all about feeling good in our body, minds and spirit. We discussed, first of all, how it’s important to eat healthy and exercise. We danced and sang all about keeping moving! After that, we took part in a sports quiz and we were all fabulous at identifying the sports.

We then moved onto learning about looking after our mind. Next, We watched a video that told us all about our brain and how important it is and then we carried out a quiz all about fooling our brains.

Lots of volunteers got chosen to come up and talk about how they can try new things that can make them feel happy. Can you remember what they were from looking at the picture?

Finally, we moved onto feeling good in our spirit: having good positive relationships, making yourself feel good and making others feel good. We discussed how it is important to think about other people and not just yourself. We finished by singing a well-known Justin Timberlake – Can’t stop the feeling! We had such a good morning!

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13 Responses to The Pop Project – Smiley Reward

  1. 0272013fd says:

    I really liked the pop project! After the pop project,I really was happy and full of joy. Ecspecially when the song ‘ I feel good’ kept coming on randomly. Did you enjoy the pop project? I found the pop project fantastic!

  2. Salman Farhat says:

    In the smiley reward, (which was called the pop project), we had a lot of fun. The goal of the smiley reward was to make us feel good, we learned about mind, body and spirit. We learned how to make our body feel good and healthy, how to make our mind feel good and relaxed and how to make our spirit positive and stay energetic. everyone loved the smiley reward! I don’t think anyone didn’t.

  3. 0272013ab says:

    I really enjoyed the pop project because they made us think about exercise and our health they also showed us a sad\happy clip. Thank you miss Harvey for letting us have this for the smiley reward. Also thank you miss Stockton and all the teachers

  4. 0272013mb says:

    Who doesn’t like the pop project, we learned about many famous people and about respect, like an lady who was completely deaf, but played like a professional on the drums, we have learned new songs from the secret life of pets and Garfield, I hope we have this activity again soon!!

  5. 0272013lp says:

    I really enjoyed the pop project because they were funny and I learned lots of stuff from it! Did you enjoy the pop project?

  6. 0272013rc says:

    I really enjoyed the pop project because near the end, there were amazing people that did amazing things such as flying a plane with no hand it was amazing to see.

  7. Attila says:

    We had a great time, we learned everything about the brain and our spirit . I believe If you have a dream to chase nothing can stop you! Good luck!

  8. Reece says:

    It was fun learning about all these singers some I didn’t even know about.

  9. Lewis says:

    I really enjoyed the pop project! I liked it when everyone stood up and danced because it was really funny.

  10. Attila says:

    I loved the performance it was so nice and fun I was a little shy but I still give it my best shot.I picked drumming for next term but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like brass.

  11. 0272013kg1 says:

    I like the pop project because they were very funny. The men were very nice and kind. They will cheer you up when your sad.

  12. Reece says:

    I love pop project especily the mind triker <3

  13. 0272013jg says:

    I liked pop project because we learnt about some sports and a little bit about how the body worked , meditating and listened to the people play songs. We got up and danced to the songs too.

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