Smiley reward!

This term, Oxford Grove’s smiley reward was the POP project! We laughed, danced, sang and thought about what was good for ours bodies! We had a fantastic morning! Take a look at our pictures – which part did you enjoy the most?

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12 Responses to Smiley reward!

  1. 0272012rn says:

    I enjoyed th smiley award and I hope this will be the greatest smiley award and if there’s a better one I’ll hundred percent enjoy it. I would really also like a much more fun and a much more funny smiley award for the gold award and good luck getting your gold award.

  2. 0272012ss2 says:

    I hope that everyone enjoyed the show because I loved it and it was really fun did you enjoy it if you did then leave a comment down below

  3. 0272012ss2 says:

    Today I loved the fact that I was able to be in the smiley award

  4. Ella says:

    The smiley reward was amazing because I experienced all the good dances and singers I heard lot of beautiful voices that I have never heared they were amazing and some of the dances I seen they all blown my mind away. Emann dancing was amazing nomaly she doesn’t do anything but she was dancing her shoes of she was do all the actions and it was just the best day anyone could ever have they got us standing on a feet and lots of dancing and singing

  5. 0272012jg says:

    The class smiley reward was funny because some people were being funny that was the best bit and the sangs where good when the people who where singing they where so good at singing and music and then we did dance l dance but l did not know what was going on with the dance .

    By Julia
    Smiley reward
    Funny reward

  6. Ibrahim says:

    I loved the pop project it was the best smiley award ever
    I FEEL GOOD !!!!…..mmmh
    It was great I enjoyed the part when we all stood up and danced to Igot sunshine in my pocket.
    ……SO GOOD!!!

  7. Abdur says:

    The smiley reward was so much fun !!!!!!!!! I had an amazing experience

  8. 0272012ss2 says:

    The smiley award was so much fun !!!!!!!! It was so good that I hope Everone enjoyed it.

  9. 0272012ss2 says:

    The smiley award was so much fun !!!!!!!! It was so good that I hope Everone enjoyed it.

    It was amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Hamzah says:

    I relly enjoyed th pop music !!!! I had an amazing experience

    Thank you Miss Harvey

  11. 0272012ob says:

    I loved the pop project so much . It is the best smiley reward ever in the Oxford Grove history . I wish they will come again .

  12. Mohammed-Zain says:

    The smiley reward was brilliant because we got tot sing songs and listen to ‘Sunshine in Pocket’. Everybody loved it. We got to do yoga and learn songs by heart . I really enjoyed it .

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