Our wonderful music lessons

This term Year 6 have really enjoyed their music topic this term which is all about the genre of RAP!

We are creating our own rap tracks about a topic of our choice and performing them using a speaker system – it’s amazing!

I can’t wait to hear more of the raps being performed next week! 🙂

What’s your rap about? What is important to remember when rapping?

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5 Responses to Our wonderful music lessons

  1. Romaisa says:

    I don’t like music I love music at Oxford Grove it is one of the best subjects in Year6; since we get to wright raps and all that, I also like writing raps with my partner Corey because we have lots of ideas to put in but hard:hard because we couldn’t really think of anything else! Thank you for the best music teachers ever….
    Romaisa xxx

  2. 0272012jg says:

    in year 6J we are doing a amazing rap it so good it my first rap that l did with my best friend we are doing good on a rap

  3. Sumayah says:

    I am doing my rap with Turaab and we have come up with some amazing ideas . I am a singer so when I heard we were doing raps I was very excited because I knew this would be a challenge and a great opportunity to try some new music styles out . My rap is all about bullying , I think this is a great topic to be put into a rap . I also think this is good because you get both sides of the peoples emotion and when you are you can express your self . To be a good raper you have to be clear and most important confident . When you rap you cant be shy , when you rap your rap is telling a story and it has a meaning behind it . Your job if you want to be a successful raper is to be meaningful and confident . I cant wait to hear the rest of my classes raps and I think this an amazing experience for me .

  4. Maddison says:

    I think that a lot of the students love music since you can express many things in what you can sing and rap. This term we are experiencing how to rap since one of our fellow classmates decided to share a few of his raps that he made at school.

  5. Arshia says:

    I worked with Asmara we had amazing ideas about the rap next time if I am alone I will make a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy good rap I love music and singing that why I had a amazing rap what rap did you do!?

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