Life Caravan

This week, the life caravan visited Oxford Grove! In Year Six, our session was on making the right decision and not listening to peer pressure.

We came up with some fantastic ideas and really listened to choices to ensure we made the right one!

Well done Year 6! 🙂

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6 Responses to Life Caravan

  1. Romaisa says:

    I really enjoyed the life Caravan because it helps us to learn what to do and not do in life especially in drugs! We learnt about the different types of drugs and also did a quiz with a person called Chris and the talking brain. We came up with a lot of amazing ideas and plus another thing is decisions… a tiny film which was about a boy and his friends forcing him to have the drink and was too young for it! His friends were then backing him up so the two people gave up and left!! Thank you Miss Jarvis for the best lessons

    Romaisa xxx

  2. Sumayah says:

    I really enjoyed the live caravan because it was really educating and I learnt a lot . I would definitely recommend this as it can benefit all young and old peoples life . I have learnt about making the right decisions and I have learnt about what choices are make will be helpful for me and most importantly my body .I really enjoyed doing the quiz and I REALLY enjoyed seeing Harold the Giraffe . Thank you so much to the teachers that planned this for the school I really enjoyed myself and I am sure my friends did to .

  3. Maddison says:

    The life caravan was great fun. Especially because we got to experience scientific facts and information about what some people put in their body. It is obviously a bad habbit/addiction that many people unfortunately decide to do.

  4. Waleed says:

    The life caravan was very fun because we got to do lot of science and it was very fun.We
    we’re watching a film which was about bulllying.

  5. Abdur says:

    I loved the life caravan because we learned a lot of interesting facts

  6. Abdur says:

    I really liked it alot because it teached me so much about life

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