World Book Day!

On the 7th March, Oxford Grove celebrated World Book Day! Every child was invited to dress as their favourite book character and bring in their favourite book. Then, during our literacy lessons we had the chance to discuss our favourite characters and books and tell each other why we enjoy reading!

Also, we had a visit from the fantastic poet – Matt Goodfellow – who told us about some of his poems and why he enjoys reading!

Take a look at some of 6J’s literacy class in their World Book Day outfits! Who were you dressed as? What’s your favourite book and why?

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6 Responses to World Book Day!

  1. Romaisa says:

    I enjoyed world book Day because we all got to know what we all were dressed up as (lots of Harry Potter and Matilda) I also won the book competition so I went to the Bolton Library! All the schools that were there did a cat walk and picked a prize at the end, I was Via from Wonder.

    Romaisa xxx

  2. Sumayah says:

    I really enjoyed world book day because I got to see everyone’s favourite book characters and I really enjoyed dressing up . I was the first picture and I was dressed up as an … oompa Loompa I really enjoyed going to school in a green wig , I felt like I was a real oompa Loompa . I thought that everyone tried really hard on their outfits and everyone looked fab . I am really going to miss doing world book day next year as in high school you don’t do it . I really love oompa Loompas because i think they are really cute and small . I wish I was them because ethey get to eat lots of sweets and candy . Charlie and the Chocolate factory is one of my favourite Roald Dahl books .

  3. Maddison says:

    It was amazing seeing the different variations of books that people read, some were popular and some were very unique. There were definitely a lot of Harry potters in every class.

  4. 0272012rn says:

    WORLD BOOK DAY. I liked the world book day and I wish if I can stay till next year to celebreat it again in my all time favourite school. I hope i can celebreat world book day in high school

  5. Arshia says:

    For world book day I dress up as a pierate world book day was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!

  6. Ella says:

    I loved world book day it was so fun when we got to dress up and read lots of books we also did lots of fun thing when it was world book day. When we went to the hall everyone was dressed up all as there favourite character from a book.

    by Ella

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