At Oxford Grove, we pride ourselves on being really kind, amazing young people! This includes being a good friend to EVERYONE. Year 6J recently did an assembly which highlighted the importance of being a good friend.

This blog is a reminder that the GOOD FRIEND award is still running – this means teachers are constantly looking out for children in school who are demonstrating really kind behaviour to their peers. Remember – the more good friend awards you get, the more likely you are in to win a golden coin for extra treats! 🙂


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7 Responses to Being a GOOD FRIEND!

  1. Daniel Patel says:

    I love the idea of the good friend award because of that most children are trying very hard to get it and have changed the way they speak to each other and there behaviour. I have had the good friend award threes times so far and there are a few other children who have earned three to ! It may seem hard but it’s easy and on every Friday we chose our own good friend on who has been a good friend this whole week and we each receive a piece of paper and we write someone’s name and write why you chose them . The person with the most votes win !

  2. Shan says:

    I like the good fiend award because it makes people happy and I love the idea of the coin as well


  3. Sanah says:

    I love the good friend award because every one is behaving much more better .

  4. 0272012ob says:

    I love the good friend award idea because I think it’s great and people are behaving so much better and kinder

  5. Romaisa says:

    I think he good friend is a good idea because then we get to know who Miss Jarvis thinks is a really good person in the class and showing a good role model!

    Romaisa xxx

  6. Maddison says:

    I love how the school decided to reward people for good friendships and behaviour. Many people try so hard to earn the award every day and the classes overall seem to behave better in general.

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