Geography in Year 6!

This term Year 6 are looking at South America! We are learning about the different countries in South America, all about the tropical rainforests and rainforest animals (which links to our Art topic!) and the human and physical features!

Yesterday was our first lesson on our brand new topic – what did you learn?

Can you remember any countries in South America?

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5 Responses to Geography in Year 6!

  1. Maddison says:

    One of the countries in South America is Russia, it is also the largest country in the world. One of the main cities in South America is Cali.

  2. Tamanna says:

    I really enjoyed our topic on Thursday it was really fun. Ecspacially when we got to do the collage of an animal my group and I did a collage of an tiger. The black stripes were really hard but at the end it turned out really good. I still remember a few countries such as Brazil Argentina Peru and Chila

  3. Shan says:

    Some countries in South America are

    Costa Rica


  4. 0272013gp says:

    wow looks so good what else will you be doing?

  5. 0272012ct says:

    I found this topic really fun because we got to learn about new countries and capital cities. The country that I remember was Paraguay and Argentina

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