6J’s Assembly :)

A HUGE well done to 6J for their amazing performance on their class assembly! Our assembly was on why it’s important to be a good friend. Year 6 gave the rest of Oxford Grove some wonderful tips on how you can be a good friend and maybe earn yourself the good friend award!

Well done to my fabulous singers and rappers and thank you to all the parents who came and supported us! 🙂

Miss Jarvis x

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11 Responses to 6J’s Assembly :)

  1. 0272012ab says:

    I love doing this assembly with everyone about friends. I also love how we work as a team like friends 🙂

  2. Ella says:

    I love doing our last assembly because it was so much fun to do and I loved the rap and the singing what I was in I got to spend time with my whole class and I got to see my mum and dad

  3. 0272012az says:

    I Really enjoyed the assembly even if I had 1 practice (which was on Wednesday on the same week) I remembered my lines and I did the pray my mum and dad really enjoyed the assembly.

    By Alen

  4. Daniel Patel says:

    I really wish I was in this assembly but I wasn’t I heard the rap when we were practicing it was good but I know it was better on the day . The song was incredible I missed it but still on the practice the children’s voices were beautiful. I also saw the picture of the rapping children were the coolest clothes!

  5. 0272012ma says:

    I really enjoyed this assembly and my auntie and mum did too. I loved singing with little help from my friends and I liked the rap!

  6. 0272012jg says:

    The assembly was the best day of my life it was good we had lot of fun the song was good it was the best

  7. 0272012db says:

    I really thing this assembly was the best assembly that I have ever done beacause the rap and the song it was couldn’t be better

  8. Hamzah says:

    I really enjoyed the class assembly because I was one of the rapper

    Thank you Miss Jarvis

  9. Arshia says:

    The assembly was really fun I was ☺️ shy because there were so many people there when they did they It sounds soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good it was really fun everyone was shy do

  10. Romaisa says:

    Although I missed that fun assembly I still think it was fantastic!!! Well done Year6

    Romaisa xxx

  11. Maddison says:

    I really enjoyed our assembly, it is amazing how time flys by, because this would be our last one before the leavers. I will miss Oxford Grove a lot.

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