Greek Art workshop

Last week, year 5 and 6 had a fantastic Greek Art day where a specialist art expert came into school to help upper KS2 create a fab piece of artwork that links into Year 6’s Topic – Ancient Greeks.

In year six, we spent all day sewing onto a textile using different techniques and the progress we made in sewing was amazing!  Members of 6J were creating patterns that included cross stitching, loop stitching and creating their own patterns to make their design unique!

Take a look at some of our class taking part in the workshop:

What did you learn?

What was your favourite part?


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17 Responses to Greek Art workshop

  1. 0272012db says:

    I had a great day and I have learned so much about sowing.

  2. Shan says:

    I loved doing the sowing because its really fun. Mrs Morris said mine was the best in the group. I done square crosses and crossed crosses.

    BY SHAN 6J

  3. 0272012db says:

    I had a an amazing day

  4. Romaisa says:

    I really enjoyed this Greek Workshop because it involved a lot of sewing for us! We have made the big sheet of Medusa and looks amazing, I think it took the lady a very longggg time for her to put it together…
    Romaisa xxx

  5. 0272012ab says:

    I really enjoyed doing this workshop because we got to work as a team and we all showed kindness to each other.

  6. Waleed says:

    The sowing was amazing by everyone we did what ever patterns we wanted. It was amazing what we did. Thank you Miss Jarvis for this lesson.

  7. Henry says:

    I thought the Greek workshop was the best reward ever it also helped to i’m prove peoples sowing. It also showed lot of team work.

  8. 0272012aa1 says:

    It was so much fun doing this it was amazing

  9. 0272012ob says:

    It think this project turned out really well and I wish that the lady come back again

  10. Daniel Patel says:

    I loved the Greek workshop and I leant a lot of things that day to do with sowing. I learnt how to actually sow that day and I loved making the squiggly lines and also how to do the crosses!

  11. 0272012ma says:

    I loved this workshop it was excellent! I created the pot and I thougth that the lady was so kind. The display looks so cool!

    Thank you teachers 🙂 !

  12. 0272012rn says:

    I enjoyed the Greek workshop it was fun but a bit hard but i was getting there. when i was knitting i kept pinching my self also i hope we have more workshops like the world war 1 and all the other workshops we had. The workshop was little confusing and a bit hard

  13. Emaan says:

    I really liked doing sewing ,it was really fun (: . I was helped by Julia a lot . In sewing I wanted to give up because the needle wouldn’t go through.

  14. 0272012ti says:

    I love my classroom now because I have an amazing teacher (Miss Jarvis) and amazing classmates. Before the good friend award, there was a lot of Banta between some boys and some girls but now everyone is friends and nice to each other. Now everyone is friends. Thank you for reading.

  15. Benjamin says:

    I liked this because I like sewing and i liked doing the patterns because they were nice

  16. Arshia says:

    The Greek work shop was amazing it was about sewing it was fun we put shiny stuff on it it was about greek it was amazing I wish we could do something else 🙂 .

  17. Maddison says:

    I enjoyed doing the break workshop since I could sew and help all of my friends to thread the needle.

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