Fabulous reading area

I want to say a huge WELL DONE to my English class for creating some fantastic work for my reading display! Great research about Michael Morpurgo 🙂


Take a look: 


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7 Responses to Fabulous reading area

  1. Sumayah says:

    Wow ! I think our reading area looks amazing right now ! The reading area is so colourful and bright . I really enjoyed making my poster and well done to everyone who actually made one . Well done Mohammed- Zain you did such a great job on your poster . I enjoyed the first bits of ‘The wreck of the Zanzibar ‘ . Do you enjoy the book ? Which is your favourite Michael Morpurgo book ? Which do you prefer Wonder or The wreck of the Zanzibar ? I prefer Wonder . In our literacy group we are currently reading Wonder and everyone loves it . I cant wait to finish the ending . By Sumayah Khan 6J .

  2. Hamzah says:

    Weldone Miss Jarvis I like your new reading area it’s got a lot of facts about Michael Morpurgo and weldone Muhammad-zain for the big poster you did I thought it was best out of the whole year 6.

  3. 0272012ob says:

    I think are reading area looks amazing because I really like Mohammed Zain’s poster and every body else’s poster as well .

  4. 0272012db says:

    Wow i think that 6j has the best display in the school and it is the best class and we have one ☝️ of the best teacher Miss Jarvis

  5. 0272012jg says:

    wow l think you did good with you reading area it just looks amazing it so big and it is colofurful did you enjoy the lason by Julia

  6. Maddison says:

    The reading area looked very colourful when it was finished, everyone worked very hard on their posters, I will definitely miss looking in the reading area and seeing the Alex Rider display, but it is still amazing seeing something different.

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