In 6J, we have spent a lot of time outside for our P.E lessons so far this year. We’ve played rounders, basketball and throwing and catching. We’ve discussed why P.E is so important to keep healthy and fit and keep exercising as much as we can.

I’m sure Mr. Neil is looking forward to continuing to teach you P.E this term as we move onto dance and gymnastics!

What’s your favourite part of P.E? What do you like doing the best?

Miss Jarvis x


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8 Responses to P.E

  1. 0272012ob says:

    I really liked this PE lesson because I really like basketball and I got a really long shot which was really cool!!

  2. Shan says:

    I LOVE P.E!! Its my favourite subject. I would do P.E for a whole day. My favourite sport is football but I’m good at other sports too. Unfortunately I had to go do something so I missed 3/4 of P.E.

    BY SHAN 6J

  3. 0272012jg says:

    l love P.E because we did the best game it was fun because we got to run and do lot of things we had a good time .Lot of children in year 6J love P.E because P.E is fun it was the best day of my life in P.E we where good at it all the kid .

  4. 0272012rn says:

    I love p.e its a good lesson to make us move not to stay without any air.

  5. Hamzah says:

    My favourite subject is P.E because it keaps us fit and I like the games we do whith Mr Neil who is our P.E. My favourite sport in P.E is football and dodgeball

    Thank you Miss Stockton for giving us the P.E teacher!!!

  6. Taylor says:

    I like doing pe because I get to team up with my friends and do some of my favourite sports and it’s really fun

  7. 0272012ss2 says:

    I love doing P.E on Monday and playing with my friends.

  8. Romaisa says:

    P:E is one of my favourite subjects to do especially with Mr Niel.

    Romaisa xx

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