Greek workshop

In Year 6, our topic is Ancient Greeks, this means we had the opportunity to take part in an Ancient Greek workshop. We looked at Greek artefacts, played a Greek game called Knuckle Bones and tried on some Greek outfits!

What did you learn today?

What was your favourite part?



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8 Responses to Greek workshop

  1. 0272012aa1 says:

    The Greek workshop was amazing it was so much fun dressing up as Ancient Greeks. The best thing was the activities!!!!

  2. 0272012az says:

    This Greek workshop was amazing When I was picked to be the person to wear all the armour I felt happy to be chosen to wear the armour. We all wore the armour with Miss Jarvis then we all looked at Greek artefacts and attempted drawing them and labelling it. Finally we all played a game called knuckles we used clay and threw it and tried catching it with the same hand Romaisa and Shan both got up to 3 clay bones whilst Sumayah was on 2 and unlucky everyone else only had 1 this was my favourite workshop ever I hope this same workshop goes on forever throughout all the years in year 6.
    By Alen

  3. 0272012ma says:

    I really enjoyed Greek day it was really fun and there was a fun game called knuckle Bones and there was a bone of a sheep (not a real made out of clay) and you would catch it on the back of your hand and if you did the you would get an extra one and so on. That was my favourite game I would recommend this game.

    Thank you Miss Jarvis

  4. 0272012ob says:

    I saw lots of great costumes like Taylor’s , Daniels and many more I hope we get to see Dell again because she told us lots of great stuff about Ancient Greeks:)

  5. Hamzah says:

    I liked Greek day because we played a game called knuckle bones it is a Greek game. You have to chuck the knuckle made out of clay and catch is on the back of my hand . We even got to dress up in Greek armour.

    Thank you Miss Jarvis for having this day!

  6. Waleed says:

    I liked the Greek workshop because she tought us about the Greek the favouritething that I like about in this workshop is the board games it was called knuckle bones you first lay your hand straight and chuck the rubber in the air and get it on your back of your hand and i got two and Kristopher got three this was a vey fun game .

  7. Taylor says:

    I really liked going to the Greek workshop because we got to wear Greek outfits and play a Greek game called knuckle bones and we throughed a clay piece into the air and it had to land on the back of our hand. if it landed on the back of your hand, you get another piece to land on the back of your hand so next time you would have to use 2 clay pieces but in Greek days you actually used bones, eww!!! We also got to draw pictures of Greek artifacts and wear armour like a leather chest plate and a metal helmet! You could also wear costumes and my friend Oliver weared one and it was really funny! There were leg armour called grieves and they did not fit me or Oliver but I tried any way but I failed

  8. Deepisha Blakeway says:

    What a great way to allow the children to experience first hand the clothing and objects the Geeeks had, its great to vary the learning style and Maddi and I had so much fun putting her outfit together.

    You all look fantastic (”,)

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