Poetry Afternoon

Today we have taken part in the Key Stage 2 poetry afternoon! Mrs Thompson’s English group performed ‘The Ghost Teacher’ by our class poet, Allan Ahlberg. We tried hard to apply the skills we learned from Matt Goodfellow (the performance poet) and use our voices, bodies and movement to make it interesting. Because the poem was about a ghost, we tried hard to make it scary!

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20 Responses to Poetry Afternoon

  1. Husna says:

    My poem was called The Old Teacher and the poem was about an old teacher who lived in a school and died in the school. I said verse 2 and I think that is one of the funniest verses there is. I said my poem in a silly voice as if old person would say it. I think The Old Teacher is very silly and funny as well as The Ghost Teacher. I really enjoyed it because it was like an assembly, but with everyone preforming in it!

  2. Husnain Ali says:

    We did our poem today using lots actions and changing our voices tone, this was so much fun. We did the first verse I had to cover the teacher with paper to make her a bed.
    This poem was about an old teacher who lived in a school watching all the children and finally died in the school sandpit.
    It was so much fun all classes watched each other performing their poem. I wish we more and more assembly’s like this, I really liked it Ime sure everyone else liked it to.

  3. Zainab A says:

    The Ghost Teacher by Allan Alberg We have been doing lots of poems to all the classes at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.Mrs Bain got very scared at the poem today it was very terrifieding the other teachers got were terrifiying for the children today!!!
    What do you think about our poem ?

    • Husna says:

      I thought that your poem was absolutely amazing, Zainab! My favourite part was when you surprised everyone at the end because it gave us all a shock.

  4. Husnain Ali (mum) says:

    Well done to the children lots of effort and learning to Read the poems.

  5. Thomas says:

    I liked verse 4 when it said “her gravestone said TEN OUT OF TEN.” <3 :]

  6. Zainab G says:

    I loved all of the poems and on that day everybody was good at the poem.

  7. Fatima says:

    Poems are really is really Easy to recite because of rhyming couplets. Our poem was the ‘Old Teacher.’ I was verse 4.Here is our verse …
    There was an old teacher ,
    Who finally dead,
    Reading Ginn level 1 which she couldn’t abide,
    The words on her tombstone was ten out of ten,
    Her grave is the sandpit ,
    That’s all now,

  8. Brandon says:

    The poem of the ghost teacher was very good and the actions were also very good.

  9. Zainab A says:

    I like reading silly poems to my mum she laughed at some of them I was laughing to myself my mum said excited to here my story and poetry what I read.

    • Husnain Ali says:

      I aslo read all the poems to my mum and she laughes too.
      I like ryhyming poems and and making a rhythm.
      Did u know that a poem is like a song but with lyrics.

  10. Fatima R says:

    I really love reading silly poems to my mum and friends

  11. Andreea-Elisa says:

    The poem was really scary it was more scary for ks2.

  12. 0272013za says:

    we did lots of parts in our paragraphs but mrs Thompson said good action everybody!!!

  13. Rayyan says:

    It looks like you have been doing hard work learning that poem. I loved it! I thought you did better than us

  14. Lewis says:

    I didn’t no my line but I practised and practised good work everone

  15. Husna says:

    Our poems were both about ghosts but they were different because one was called The Ghost Teacher and one was called The Old Teacher. They were both very great.

  16. Fatima R says:

    I loved doing lots of great things about poems

  17. Mace says:

    I loved doing lots of great things about poems

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