Poet – Matt Goodfellow

Today, we have enjoyed a session with Matt Goodfellow, where we learnt how to perform poetry!

Matt taught us all about how to use our voices, movement and faces to perform poems in order to keep our audience interested. We worked in pairs to practise performing a Kenning poem. It was really hard and we need some practice, but we made a good start! Well done, everybody in 3T!

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18 Responses to Poet – Matt Goodfellow

  1. Husnain-Ali says:

    I enjoyed Matts performance he made people laugh he was very enthusiatic.

  2. Husna says:

    Poetry is a bit hard, but it’s great fun!

  3. Fatima says:

    It was really fun and we got to make a performance of poetry named “who am I “

  4. Rayyan says:

    Matt goodfellow is funny because he makes people laugh so loud that he said his son has a grumpy face every day when he was 15 years old.

  5. Mischa says:

    Matts performance was great and the audience were really into it.

  6. Lewis says:

    I love mat good fellow he makes me laugh His performance was fantastic ILOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

  7. shakir says:

    I really enjoyed it because the poet was really good at the poem.

  8. Harvey says:

    Matt was really funny and he has the right houmor to be a poet

  9. Sukayna says:

    I loved it when mat good fellow came in because he was so funny and his acting was so good.

  10. Rayyan says:

    He made everyone happy, he didn’t want to make everyone bored, he wanted everyone to have a great time!

  11. Farah says:

    The poem and the poetry was a great idea and it was really fun and it was really hard but I got it in the end.The poet’s name was Matt goodfellow and he was really funny because he used voice expression in the hall.He even had shop at the end of school and sold books called carry me away.

  12. Brandon says:

    I really loved when Matt Goodfellow came because of his eyes and his body and his face and eye contact, expression. He taught us about this and how to make the audience like you.

  13. Alizah says:

    i loved it because he aded some expressionto make it more exciting and he did some faces to describe his kids

  14. Karis says:

    I loved when everyone did the actions it was funny .

  15. Husna says:

    Poetry is really great because it rhymes and you get to make up funny things and words.

  16. Mischa says:

    I learned a lot about poetry and now I feel like I want to write a poam.

  17. Husnain Ali says:

    Poetry is fun because u can rhyme words and make a shortened lenght story into a poem with a beginning middle and end.

    I like making poems, I liked thinking of rhyming words.

  18. Husna says:

    It was really exciting, getting to say our own kenning poem out loud. We could practice our confidence by doing this. I think that Matt is one of the best and funniest poets there is. He has good entertainment and he wants to make people laugh. What a great experience for him to be here! Hope you enjoyed it Matt Goodfellow!

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