World Book Day

Wow, we have had loads of fun today on World Book Day! Everybody enjoyed dressing up and bringing in their favourite book to share with everybody.

What was your favourite part about World Book Day?


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17 Responses to World Book Day

  1. Husna says:

    My favourite part was when we were writing a book review.

  2. shakir says:

    I loved World book day because I could dress up as a book character.

  3. Brandon says:

    I really enjoyed world book day because we get to read our own books and we only get to do a little bit work and we get to have fun.xxxxxx

  4. 0272013fr says:

    I enjoyed it because it was fun and exciting

  5. Zainab G says:

    I liked to dress up as a book character because I like world book day.

  6. Karis says:

    I was wonderwomen because I like helping people.

  7. Husnain-Ali says:

    I dressed up as Hercules I chose him because we are nearly learning about romans.

  8. Farah says:

    The world book day , l loved my costume. The activity so much better than last year. WAS it fun for you?

  9. 0272013fr says:

    I loved world book day because it had to be the best day ever

  10. Husna says:

    Everyone wore amazing costumes!

  11. Husnain Ali says:

    My favourite book is Charlie and the chocolate factory because Charlie bucket wins the golden ticket from the lucky chocolate bar to visit the chocolate factory.
    I like the characters from this book
    Next time I would want to dress as Charlie bucket with the golden ticket.

  12. Reece says:

    The best book was the stinky cheese man

  13. Husna says:

    Next time I would dress as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz because I have the red shoes to match.

  14. Fatima says:

    I bet you had fun I wish I was there

  15. Attila says:

    I loved book day because there were nice
    Activities and thank you

  16. Fatima says:

    I love world book day because of the costumes and books.

  17. Husna says:

    World Book Day is a chance for everyone to read. Reading is one of the things I like to do best because I can find a peaceful place to read. Reading is great!!!

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