Chitra Soundar – author

Today, we have had a visit from an author called Chitra Soundar. She lives in London but is originally from India.

Both Year 3 classes attended the workshop together. She read us some of her books and then we had a go at doing some of our own writing. We got to perform what we had written in front of all our friends at the end.

CHALLENGE! What was your favourite part of the workshop and why?

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3 Responses to Chitra Soundar – author

  1. Husnain Ali Aslam says:

    My favourite part was when I made up a story and read it to the clsss.
    I read a story to make everyone believe it was true using lots of expression.

  2. It was very brave of all of you to come and have a go. Good luck with the rest of the year. Keep reading.

  3. Rayyan says:

    I love reading.It is one of my bst things.I can see that Chitra sounder has been blogging.

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