We have been learning about LGBT and have looked in further research on LGBT and football vs homophobia . LGBT stands for:

L is for lesbian a girl liking a girl.

G is for gay a man who is primarily attracted to men . Sometimes a broad term for individuals primarily attracted to the same gender.

B is for bisexual an individual attracted to people of their own opposite gender.

T for transgender a person whose gender identity differs from their assigned sex at birth.

I hope you have learned something new about LGBT .

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The Highwayman

In 6J English, we have been reading the poem ‘The Highwayman’ which is Miss Jarvis’s favourite!!!

We spent a lesson acting out the poem and we had some fantastic actors and actresses in our class! Take a look at some of our acting:

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At Oxford Grove, we pride ourselves on being really kind, amazing young people! This includes being a good friend to EVERYONE. Year 6J recently did an assembly which highlighted the importance of being a good friend.

This blog is a reminder that the GOOD FRIEND award is still running – this means teachers are constantly looking out for children in school who are demonstrating really kind behaviour to their peers. Remember – the more good friend awards you get, the more likely you are in to win a golden coin for extra treats! 🙂


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Author – James Nicols!

In school today, we have been very lucky to have a visit from children’s author James Nicols! He came in to talk to us about his series of books The Apprentice Witch and to do some writing workshops with us.

In Year 6, we looked at inspirations for writing and how objects can have different meanings. So, James put different objects around the room for us and we had to create a story using our object.

Our ideas were fabulous as we came up with stories about pirates, the war, magical lands and criminal/detective stories! I was so impressed 🙂

Well done Year6! What did you learn? What was your favourite part?

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Geography in Year 6!

This term Year 6 are looking at South America! We are learning about the different countries in South America, all about the tropical rainforests and rainforest animals (which links to our Art topic!) and the human and physical features!

Yesterday was our first lesson on our brand new topic – what did you learn?

Can you remember any countries in South America?

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6J’s Assembly :)

A HUGE well done to 6J for their amazing performance on their class assembly! Our assembly was on why it’s important to be a good friend. Year 6 gave the rest of Oxford Grove some wonderful tips on how you can be a good friend and maybe earn yourself the good friend award!

Well done to my fabulous singers and rappers and thank you to all the parents who came and supported us! 🙂

Miss Jarvis x

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A Life

As part of our healthy schools, Oxford Grove was visited by a special company called A life who specialise in teaching all about staying healthy and why it’s important to look after our bodies.

In the morning, Year 6 learned all about healthy eating, what and what not to put into our bodies and ensuring we keep our bodies clean and hygienic.

In the afternoon, Year 6 took part in a fitness session where we did circuit training that involved lots of different activities:

Which part did you enjoy most?

What did you learn?

Miss Jarvis x

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Greek Art workshop

Last week, year 5 and 6 had a fantastic Greek Art day where a specialist art expert came into school to help upper KS2 create a fab piece of artwork that links into Year 6’s Topic – Ancient Greeks.

In year six, we spent all day sewing onto a textile using different techniques and the progress we made in sewing was amazing!  Members of 6J were creating patterns that included cross stitching, loop stitching and creating their own patterns to make their design unique!

Take a look at some of our class taking part in the workshop:

What did you learn?

What was your favourite part?


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Why it’s nice to be nice!

At Oxford Grove, we pride ourselves on being a kind, loving, friendly school, where our children and staff are happy and nice to one another!

In Year 6, we have been discussing why it is so important to make sure your actions are always kind. This might been making sure you’re saying positive comments to each other in the classroom, on the playground and being polite to members of staff and your peers around school!

We currently have a new reward in school called the ‘good friend’ where members of staff are looking to see which children deserve to have the special ‘good friend’ prize at the end of the school day! Already in 6J we have had two worthy winners.

What can we do to be kind to each other? Why is so important to be a good friend?

Miss Jarvis x

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Biography Writing

Click on the thumbnails to see our amazing biography writing full size.

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