Smiley reward!

This term Oxford Grove have had the fabulous T-REX smiley reward where we got to see a live dinosaur in action! We learnt lots of key facts about dinosaurs, science and fossils.

Then we split off into our groups to create our own films using green screen! We had so much fun during our morning! What did you enjoy the most?


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Sports assembly!

This afternoon, year 6 had their sports assembly! We took part in lots of races, had fun and our parents came to watch us!

Which race was your favourite?

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Art in year 6!

In our art lessons, we have been learning all about Lowry and trying to recreate a painting in the style of him! This included matchstick figures, looking at the foreground, background and middle ground.

What have you learnt? What’s been your favourite part of the topic?

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History in Year 6!

History is my favourite subject and I’ve loved teaching all about the Industrial Revolution this term! We’ve learnt so much about the inventions, inventors, timeline, factories, the cotton machines, the poverty!

What has been your favourite part to learn about? What can you recall?

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Maths in Year 6!

So far this term, Miss Jarvis’s class has been working a lot on our fraction methods and becoming super secure in our calculations!

We’ve looked at adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions/mixed number fractions and applying these to problems!

Alongside this, we’ve been looking at our FDP (fraction, decimal, %) equivalences and we’ve been chanting our 1/5, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10 and we’ve even looked at our thirds!

Can anyone remind me what the FDP equivalences are for their 1/5’s for 3 smileys?

Miss J x

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6J’s class assembly!

A huge huge well done to 6J for their fantastic Industrial Revolution assembly and a huge thank you to all the parents who came to support!

Some of the comments from parents were:

“Well done 6J a fantastic assembly!”

“This assembly was like a history lesson!”

“Awesome work year 6J!”

“A fabulous assembly by all!”

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Writing in Year 6!

In 6J’s English class we have been looking at MYTHS AND LEGENDS! We read Perseus and the Gorgon’s head and thought about the structure of a myth. This then inspired us to write our own myths with our own fantastic beast! Miss Jarvis is really looking forward to reading your finished pieces of writing and making a class book of myths and legends for other people to enjoy!

What is your myth about?

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Our new art topic!

In Year 6 our art topic is LOWRY. We have been looking at his different paintings and comparing the similarities and differences. We have looked at the key words foreground, middle ground and background and started to sketch one of his paintings! We’re going to learn all about match stick men and also watercolour some of his paintings! What are you looking forward to?

Miss Jarvis x

Image result for lowry

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Apply for a secondary school place

Thank you to all parents who attended our Year 6 SATs and transition meeting.

Please follow the link to apply for a secondary school place for your child:

Please click the links below to access the September 2020 secondary school admissions letter and booklet:



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The Industrial Revolution

This term in Year 6, we are learning all about the Industrial Revolution! We have already found out all about the famous inventor Samuel Crompton (who was from Bolton) and why his invention was super important! Can anyone remember what his invention was?

We are going to be doing some drama and also some diary writing and we’re going to be looking at how the Industrial Revolution has changed life in Britain today!


What are you looking forward to learning about? What can you remember so far?


Miss Jarvis 😊

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