Year 6 Topic lessons!

In year 6, we have been learning all about Ancient Greece! We’ve painted Greek pots and Greek shields, we’ve learnt about democracy in Ancient Greece, chosen our favourite Greek God and even did an assembly on Ancient Greece.

We have been making talking textiles to show the story of Theseus and the Minotaur!

Have a look:





Miss Jarvis x

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Poetry Day!

This week 6J literacy group performed ‘Chocolate Cake’ by our class poet Michael Rosen as part of poetry week. We listened to all year 5 and 6 perform and had a fab afternoon watching different poems and learning about different authors!

What did you like about the performance?

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Year 6 Reading Area

In 6J, we think reading is extremely important. In our reading area we have all our book recommendations as well as front covers we have designed in the style of our class author Anthony Horowitz. Our reading area is also SPY themed to match our class novel.

We also have introduced a new ‘Word of the day’ section which allows us to find out the meaning of words which we may not have heard before and for us to try and use them in our writing! Today’s word was ‘placid’ – can you remember what it means?

Take a look at some of our class in our reading area:

Miss Jarvis x


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6J Maths

In our maths lessons so far we have been learning all about place value, addition, subtraction and we are starting our multiplication and division unit this week!

Take a look at some of our class showing their multiplication facts on our working wall and using the addition SNAP game!

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6J Assembly

A HUGE well done to 6J today on their assembly, you all did an amazing job and made me so proud!

Our assembly was all about History at Oxford Grove! We shared all of our History topics throughout school…

What did you learn?

What did you most enjoy?

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Reading Day

On Tuesday, it was reading day at Oxford Grove. In 6J literacy we shared our favourite books and discussed why we like reading different genres and different authors. We had lots of different books brought in! We then started reading our new class novel which is ‘Stormbreaker’ by Anthony Horowitz which we all enjoyed :)!

Take a look at some of our literacy group’s favourite books:


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A HUGE welcome to Year 6J!

I am so excited for the next academic year to be working with my new Year 6 class, Miss Lord has already told me how amazing you all are! Year 6 is a difficult year so you need to make sure you’re all working exceptionally hard during your last year at Oxford Grove!

Take a look at our welcome video which introduces you to life in Year 6 and… roll on September!!!

Miss Jarvis x

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A year in the life of… 5L!

Well 5L… what an amazing year we’ve had!

You have all come so far and made such amazing progress. I have had my best year at Oxford Grove so far with you lovely lot!

As much as I will miss you next year, I hope you have an EVEN BETTER year with Miss Jarvis and learn EVEN MORE, especially with less than a year until your SATs!

Here are some of our best moments this year:

What was your favourite part of this year?

Miss Lord x

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Recently we have been working really hard to update our displays across school. We have been looking at the topics we will be starting in September and producing some excellent work ready to put up on our walls.

What does your new classroom look like?

Miss Lord x



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In art, we are still working on our topic of: How Did the Great Artists See Themselves?

We have been thinking about how we see ourselves. Last week, we each created a photo montage to represent our personalities. This is Sumayah’s:

She has done a great job of using the space on her page. She has made sure she has used a range of colours to make her collage good to look at but also chosen images that tell us about what kind of person she is.

What would you put on your photo collage?

Miss Lord x

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