Maths Maths Maths!

In Miss Jarvis’s maths group, we have had a problem solving week where we have used our investigation skills to solve lots of different problems involving:

  • Decimals
  • Percentages
  • Fractions
  • Measures
  • Four operations

We used RUDELY to read, underline, decide, estimate then solve our problem and Miss Jarvis thinks our problem solving skills are improving massively!

Well done my maths group!

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6J Science!

This term in science we have been learning about electricity and we are going to be doing further research on electrical circuits . So far I have found out that electricity is created by wind turbine. A wind turbine, or alternatively referred to as a wind energy converter, is a device that converts the wind’s kinetic energy into electrical energy. Science is probably my favourite subject because it has so may different discoveries waiting to be found out. Electricity has much to it ! If you like electricity why don’t you do your own research. An electron is a very small piece of matter and energy. Its symbol is e−. It was discovered by J.J. Thomson in 1897. Continue reading

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Our new Science topic!

Our final topic in Year 6 is all about electricity, we are looking at circuits, voltage and how adding different components changes the brightness of a bulb!

I am looking forward to working on different experiments in our lessons which test our knowledge of circuits!

We’ve already completed our first lesson on looking at dangers of electricity and electrical items in our home.

Can you remember any dangers? How can we stay safe?

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This week it’s Easter! In school, we have been learning all about why Easter is so important to Christians.

Easter is a time for Christians to remember Jesus’s resurrection, when Jesus (the son of God) came back to life after his crucifixion.

Many Christians will spend time at church in thought, prayer and celebration of Jesus Christ’s life, and may get together with friends and family for a special meal.

There are also some more modern traditions to mark Easter which are very common – such as Easter eggs, the Easter bunny and chocolate.

Do your family celebrate Easter?

What do you do?



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Smiley reward!

This term, Oxford Grove’s smiley reward was the POP project! We laughed, danced, sang and thought about what was good for ours bodies! We had a fantastic morning! Take a look at our pictures – which part did you enjoy the most?

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Our wonderful music lessons

This term Year 6 have really enjoyed their music topic this term which is all about the genre of RAP!

We are creating our own rap tracks about a topic of our choice and performing them using a speaker system – it’s amazing!

I can’t wait to hear more of the raps being performed next week! 🙂

What’s your rap about? What is important to remember when rapping?

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Life Caravan

This week, the life caravan visited Oxford Grove! In Year Six, our session was on making the right decision and not listening to peer pressure.

We came up with some fantastic ideas and really listened to choices to ensure we made the right one!

Well done Year 6! 🙂

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Maths Calculation Workshop

This morning, Oxford Grove held a maths calculation workshop where parents were invited in to look at how we teach maths at our school!

In 6J, we looked at fraction calculations and applied this to some problem solving!

Thank you to all parents that came and we hope you learned something valuable! 🙂

Miss Jarvis


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World Book Day!

On the 7th March, Oxford Grove celebrated World Book Day! Every child was invited to dress as their favourite book character and bring in their favourite book. Then, during our literacy lessons we had the chance to discuss our favourite characters and books and tell each other why we enjoy reading!

Also, we had a visit from the fantastic poet – Matt Goodfellow – who told us about some of his poems and why he enjoys reading!

Take a look at some of 6J’s literacy class in their World Book Day outfits! Who were you dressed as? What’s your favourite book and why?

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Smiley Reward!

This terms Smiley Reward was the Zulu dancers! This was so much fun! In year 6, we watched the Zulu dancers perform a breathtaking routine and then we took part in a workshop where we learned an african dance which we performed to the whole school! 🙂

Take a look at some of our class performing –

What did you enjoy?

Miss Jarvis x

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Blog Walk…

Here are some links to explore…

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Gillibrand Primary School blog in Chorley – Example of comments/peer assessment
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Room 2 Adventures Blog in New Zealand
Mr. Webb’s Class Blog from Taranaki in New Zealand

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Year 6 will be writing more content on this class blog over the coming weeks/months. After discussing this with them, they wanted to know who would be interested in reading their blog posts. If you are reading this, please could you leave the pupils a quick comment telling them where in the world you are and what you are doing? This will help inspire the pupils to do their very best for you!

Thank you!

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Book Review

Book Review

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We have been learning about LGBT and have looked in further research on LGBT and football vs homophobia . LGBT stands for:

L is for lesbian a girl liking a girl.

G is for gay a man who is primarily attracted to men . Sometimes a broad term for individuals primarily attracted to the same gender.

B is for bisexual an individual attracted to people of their own opposite gender.

T for transgender a person whose gender identity differs from their assigned sex at birth.

I hope you have learned something new about LGBT .

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The Highwayman

In 6J English, we have been reading the poem ‘The Highwayman’ which is Miss Jarvis’s favourite!!!

We spent a lesson acting out the poem and we had some fantastic actors and actresses in our class! Take a look at some of our acting:


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At Oxford Grove, we pride ourselves on being really kind, amazing young people! This includes being a good friend to EVERYONE. Year 6J recently did an assembly which highlighted the importance of being a good friend.

This blog is a reminder that the GOOD FRIEND award is still running – this means teachers are constantly looking out for children in school who are demonstrating really kind behaviour to their peers. Remember – the more good friend awards you get, the more likely you are in to win a golden coin for extra treats! 🙂


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Author – James Nicols!

In school today, we have been very lucky to have a visit from children’s author James Nicols! He came in to talk to us about his series of books The Apprentice Witch and to do some writing workshops with us.

In Year 6, we looked at inspirations for writing and how objects can have different meanings. So, James put different objects around the room for us and we had to create a story using our object.

Our ideas were fabulous as we came up with stories about pirates, the war, magical lands and criminal/detective stories! I was so impressed 🙂

Well done Year6! What did you learn? What was your favourite part?

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Geography in Year 6!

This term Year 6 are looking at South America! We are learning about the different countries in South America, all about the tropical rainforests and rainforest animals (which links to our Art topic!) and the human and physical features!

Yesterday was our first lesson on our brand new topic – what did you learn?

Can you remember any countries in South America?

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6J’s Assembly :)

A HUGE well done to 6J for their amazing performance on their class assembly! Our assembly was on why it’s important to be a good friend. Year 6 gave the rest of Oxford Grove some wonderful tips on how you can be a good friend and maybe earn yourself the good friend award!

Well done to my fabulous singers and rappers and thank you to all the parents who came and supported us! 🙂

Miss Jarvis x

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A Life

As part of our healthy schools, Oxford Grove was visited by a special company called A life who specialise in teaching all about staying healthy and why it’s important to look after our bodies.

In the morning, Year 6 learned all about healthy eating, what and what not to put into our bodies and ensuring we keep our bodies clean and hygienic.

In the afternoon, Year 6 took part in a fitness session where we did circuit training that involved lots of different activities:

Which part did you enjoy most?

What did you learn?

Miss Jarvis x

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Greek Art workshop

Last week, year 5 and 6 had a fantastic Greek Art day where a specialist art expert came into school to help upper KS2 create a fab piece of artwork that links into Year 6’s Topic – Ancient Greeks.

In year six, we spent all day sewing onto a textile using different techniques and the progress we made in sewing was amazing!  Members of 6J were creating patterns that included cross stitching, loop stitching and creating their own patterns to make their design unique!

Take a look at some of our class taking part in the workshop:

What did you learn?

What was your favourite part?


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Why it’s nice to be nice!

At Oxford Grove, we pride ourselves on being a kind, loving, friendly school, where our children and staff are happy and nice to one another!

In Year 6, we have been discussing why it is so important to make sure your actions are always kind. This might been making sure you’re saying positive comments to each other in the classroom, on the playground and being polite to members of staff and your peers around school!

We currently have a new reward in school called the ‘good friend’ where members of staff are looking to see which children deserve to have the special ‘good friend’ prize at the end of the school day! Already in 6J we have had two worthy winners.

What can we do to be kind to each other? Why is so important to be a good friend?

Miss Jarvis x

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Biography Writing

Click on the thumbnails to see our amazing biography writing full size.

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Fabulous reading area

I want to say a huge WELL DONE to my English class for creating some fantastic work for my reading display! Great research about Michael Morpurgo 🙂


Take a look: 


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Amazing work!

Take a look at Mohammed – Zain’s amazing research project! As part of homework, Year 6 were asked to research about our new class author – Michael Morpurgo!  This was a fantastic effort by Mohammed, well done I’m super impressed!!

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Cross Curricular Writing!

As well as writing in our literacy lessons, it’s super important that we keep the same standards up in our topic/R.E lessons. Therefore, we spend some time creating cross curricular writing!

Take a look at some of our R.E cross curricular writing on our trip to the Hindu Temple – we wrote a recount to describe our trip using our senses! 🙂


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Writing Writing Writing!

In our literacy lessons we have been doing lots of writing! We’ve written diary entries, recounts, detective stories, biographies, formal letters and so much more!

In 6J our writing target is to be more COHESIVE in our writing which means making our writing flow 🙂

We’ve also been looking at the difference between formal and informal writing and when to use the correct tone.

Our next step is to try and include a range of punctuation which will help our writing to flow better!

Take a look at some pieces of writing…

Which genre has been your favourite so far?

Miss Jarvis x

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Smiley award!

For our smiley award, we had the amazing opportunity to take part in the farm!

Here we got the chance to feed some goats, chickens, sheep and even an alpaca! We took the alpaca for a walk then had the chance to pet some of the animals. The farmer was super friendly and gave us lots of interesting facts about the animals.


What did you enjoy? What did you learn?

Miss Jarvis x

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In 6J, we have spent a lot of time outside for our P.E lessons so far this year. We’ve played rounders, basketball and throwing and catching. We’ve discussed why P.E is so important to keep healthy and fit and keep exercising as much as we can.

I’m sure Mr. Neil is looking forward to continuing to teach you P.E this term as we move onto dance and gymnastics!

What’s your favourite part of P.E? What do you like doing the best?

Miss Jarvis x


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Poppy Workshop!

For Remembrance Day this year, Oxford Grove took part in a Poppy Workshop. We discussed why we wear poppies – to remember the brave soldiers that fought in WW1 and WW2. We also found out that this year is really special as it marks 100 years since the end of WW1.

As part of the workshop, we listened to some poems which were written by soliders of the war, we performed these poems by using actions and a range of different voices. We also discovered some new terminology which links to History especially WW1.

I really enjoyed this workshop and I can tell 6J did too!

Can you remember any of the key words?

What did you most enjoy?


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Hindu Temple Visit

As part of our R.E curriculum, Year 6 are learning about Hinduism and Hindu worship. We have had the fantastic opportunity where we had the change to visit a Hindu Temple, here we listened to a Hindu speak about the religion, the different Gods in the Hindu religion and we watched different Hindu’s praying as part of their worship.

Can anyone remember any key terminology from today? Which part did you enjoy the most?


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Science in Year 6

In Year 6, we have been learning all about the heart and the journey through our body, we’ve found out all about the circulatory system, the digestive system and what’s good for our body and what’s not!

We looked at the differences between plants, animals and humans and discussed that all living things follow 7 life processes using the acronym MRS GREN!

I’ve really enjoyed teaching Year 6 their science lessons so far this year and I’m really looking forward to our next topic which is LIGHT!

Can you tell me something you’ve learned in science so far?

Miss Jarvis x


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Greek workshop

In Year 6, our topic is Ancient Greeks, this means we had the opportunity to take part in an Ancient Greek workshop. We looked at Greek artefacts, played a Greek game called Knuckle Bones and tried on some Greek outfits!

What did you learn today?

What was your favourite part?



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Year 6 Topic lessons!

In year 6, we have been learning all about Ancient Greece! We’ve painted Greek pots and Greek shields, we’ve learnt about democracy in Ancient Greece, chosen our favourite Greek God and even did an assembly on Ancient Greece.

We have been making talking textiles to show the story of Theseus and the Minotaur!

Have a look:





Miss Jarvis x

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Poetry Day!

This week 6J literacy group performed ‘Chocolate Cake’ by our class poet Michael Rosen as part of poetry week. We listened to all year 5 and 6 perform and had a fab afternoon watching different poems and learning about different authors!

What did you like about the performance?

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