Science in Year 6

In Year 6, we have been learning all about light! We have learnt which materials reflect light the best and how light travels. We have been applying this knowledge to an investigation where we made periscopes! Following this we have written our own detailed set of instructions on how to make a periscope!

What can you remember from our topic?

Can you tell me what the key words: opaque, translucent and transparent mean?


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Hindu Temple

Today we visited the Hindu Temple and learned all about the different Hindu Gods/Goddesses. We watched a Hindu Celebration and listen to a presentation all about the religion! We found out all about why Hindu’s respect the five senses and why they are central to the religion! We had such a good morning! 

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Poppy Workshop

This week, Oxford Grove took part in a Poppy workshop where we looked at poems from WW1. We did some acting, listened to news reports and performed our scenes. We learnt lots about why poppies are important to us on Remembrance Day. Which part did you enjoy?

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Anti-bullying week

It was Anti-bullying week this week and in Year 6 we discussed all the different types of bullying including online bullying and what we can can do to help. In our lessons, we have created a leaflet which helps people who are being bullied and reminds them of all the strategies to help!

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Maths with Miss Jarvis!

In maths we have been doing lots and lots of work on fraction methods and we have just finished our topic of measure!

Our next topic is on area and perimeter and we started by looking at shapes that have the same area and different perimeters and vice versa.

Can anyone think of a shape that has an area of 50cm squared?

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Our new topic for this term is WW2! So far we have looked at WW1 to help us understand a little better. We’ve looked at how WW2 started, who the allies and the axis where and who some of the famous people were. We then thought of some fab questions we would like to find out about!

We have begun to look at maps of the allies and axis and which countries invaded each other. What can you remember? (I’ll give you a clue)


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Smiley reward!

This term Oxford Grove have had the fabulous T-REX smiley reward where we got to see a live dinosaur in action! We learnt lots of key facts about dinosaurs, science and fossils.

Then we split off into our groups to create our own films using green screen! We had so much fun during our morning! What did you enjoy the most?


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Sports assembly!

This afternoon, year 6 had their sports assembly! We took part in lots of races, had fun and our parents came to watch us!

Which race was your favourite?

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Art in year 6!

In our art lessons, we have been learning all about Lowry and trying to recreate a painting in the style of him! This included matchstick figures, looking at the foreground, background and middle ground.

What have you learnt? What’s been your favourite part of the topic?

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History in Year 6!

History is my favourite subject and I’ve loved teaching all about the Industrial Revolution this term! We’ve learnt so much about the inventions, inventors, timeline, factories, the cotton machines, the poverty!

What has been your favourite part to learn about? What can you recall?

Image result for industrial revolution

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