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At Oxford Grove we have an amazingly talented display team who make our classrooms look fantastic….

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Our finished portraits

After studying David Hockney’s portraits, we have produced our own portraits in the same style.

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Mini golf

We really enjoyed our smiley reward of mini golf today in the sunshine. We have worked hard to fill the first side of our smiley cards.    🙂 

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David Hockey

We have been using portraits by David Hockney to help us develop our portrait drawing, we tied to add tone using shading…

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Design Technology year 5

In our design technology lessons our challenge was to create a boat which was controlled by a circuit. Before we designed our boats, we tested different shapes of boat hulls in water to see which was the fastest shape. We found out … Continue reading

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Do all animals start life as an egg?

To help us find the answer to our new science topic, we began by researching the differences between mammal, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds and insects. We found out…

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North America

For our pre learning task we tried to form the shape of North America out of play dough. Then we checked the real shape and edited and improved our original idea. Here are some examples of our work…

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Art: adding different tones using shading

Today we experimented adding tones to make flat 2D shapes, look 3D. We used torches to shine a light on 3D shapes and looked closely to see which parts where in the shade.

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Computer Coding

In our computing lessons we have been using 2 code to improve our coding skills we have also needed to use our problems solving skills to debug errors.

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The Lady of Shalott

In our English lessons we have been reading The Lady of Shalott, it is a very mysterious narrative poem. We really enjoyed it, we compared it to another narrative poem we have read ‘The Highway Man.’ Then we wrote our … Continue reading

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