Good Friend Award

This week I have received the good friend award.By being a good friend, I was nominated by Ashleigh in my Y6 class. How that happened was during maths I helped her with her work because she was stuck on an percentage equation. Ashleigh,who nominated me, is also a good friend of mine too.


I won the good friend award this week because I was nominated by India. India said that I was a good friend because when she is feeling upset or angry I make her happy. I was very happy to receive this award because it was the second time! Katie has also nominated me.



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James Nicol

James Nicol visited Oxford Grove on the 25th January. He did an assembly in the morning that was half an hour long. Then in the afternoon we had a wonderful workshop with him. It was very fun because we got to be authors for 45minutes. We also wrote our own magical story.  We were all influenced by the items that we picked from James Nicol’s box.

By Hadi W

On 25th January James Nicol came in to our school and had an assembly with us. He was really funny and nice. After that, in the afternoon he told us about his books and his childhood. Then he got a box full of different objects and we had to pick three things out and look at them. When we had finished looking at them we had to make up a story about what they were. It was really fun to write a story.

By Tatiana

James  Nicol

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Which is the biggest rainforest in South America?

During our Geography topic this half term we will be learning all about South America including the rainforests. We will be researching the different countries in South America and learning about the culture and human and physical features. We will even be taking part in a special Samba workshop with Mr Bamford when we are learning about Brazilian culture. Can you name any countries that are in South America?

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Last week we took part in the A-Life workshop which taught us all about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

What were the most important things that you learnt Year 6 about keeping healthy?

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Year 6 Class Assembly – Internet Safety

This week Year 6 did their class assembly all about staying safe online and using the SMART rules when going on the Internet which include: staying safe; not meeting up with people you have met online; not accepting files or pop-ups that you don’t trust; checking that information is reliable and telling an adult if you are worried or unsure about anything. What did you learn from our assembly?


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Textile Artist in Year 6

Last week, a specialist artist called Mary came to work with Year 5 and 6. We worked on our textile skills which including learning lots of new stitching and sewing techniques. Year 5 worked on their printing skills. This was all then sewn together to create a masterpiece!


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Good Friend Award

In Year 6 we are all working really hard to earn the good friend award in our class. We have been able to nominate someone each day to display the good friend award on their chair. It is really important that we are being good friends including looking out for each other, helping each other and caring each other. Who has won the good friend award so far? Who would you like to nominate to win the good friend award and why?

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Cross-Curricular Writing

At Oxford Grove we try to write for lots of different purposes and audiences in all areas of the curriculum. This means that we can apply our writing skills to lots of different subjects such as creating an information text about the Ancient Greek Gods; writing a diary entry in the role of Theseus; writing an experiment explanation in science and a recount of our visit to the Hindu Temple in RE.

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Writing in Year 6

 This half term we are focusing on writing biographies and autobiographies in our English lessons. We have already started by looking at the key features of a biography in our guided reading lessons and we have written biographies about the star of our class novel – Alex Rider.

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be interviewing and writing biographies about each other for our ‘Meet the Stars’ display and researching our favourite celebrities and sports personalities to write biographies about too.

Can you remember the key features of a biography? Who are you hoping to research and find out about?

This is Your Life (2007) title card.jpg

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In 6C we do PE every Friday with Miss Lowe. We have been working hard on our dance routines and have recently started our gymnastics topic where we are able to use the PE equipment for balancing. What do you enjoy about PE?

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