The Military Smiley Reward

This week we took part in our Spring Term Smiley Reward with the military. We took part in various exercises and team games and enjoyed using the inflatable assault course.

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Marvellous Maths

In Year 6 we have been working very hard in maths on all of the skills that we have learnt throughout the year including calculation, reasoning, problem solving, shape, measures, fractions, decimals and percentages. We have also enjoyed using online resources such as LBQ and IXL during our booster clubs.

Learning by Questions


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Science : Electricity dangers !!!

On Thursday 25th April , we learnt about a vast amount of dangers whilst using electricity. After revising that, we then used what we had learnt to make a leaflet . We learnt the different dangers in bedrooms, living-rooms, kitchens, bathrooms . . . Some of the dangers were : sticking things up plug sockets, sticking things down toasters that shouldn’t be, leaving electric things on that you’re not using and leaving cable / wires close to stoves / water … 

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Science: Electricity Dangers!

In Science,we started our new topic on electricity. We made a leaflet about how to be safe using or with electricity. Here is some advice: Never touch anything using electricity with wet hands. Never stick anything inside a socket because you can get an electricity shock. Never stick anything inside a toaster even if your bread is stuck because you can get an electricity shock.

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What is Easter?

Easter is the Christian celebration that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his the promise of eternal life.

When is Easter Celebrated?
Easter is now celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon on the Spring Equinox between March 22nd and April 25th.
Easter is celebrated at the end of Lent on the last day of Holy Week.
Holy Week starts off with Palm Sunday the following Good Thursday the day of the Last Supper, Good Friday the day of Jesus crucifixion and Sunday the day Jesus rose which is now the celebration of Easter.

Why a Rabbit for Easter? 
The idea of the Easter Bunny originated in Germany.
Germans believed the Easter Bunny was a white hare that would leave colourful eggs for good girls and boys on Easter Morning.
The girls and boys would wake up Easter morning and build nests out of sticks and leaves so the Easter Bunny can leave them the eggs. This is how the first Easter Hunts started.
Original Easter baskets were made to look like nests now children receive colourful baskets filled with eggs and sweets from the Easter Bunny.
The first edible Easter Bunnies were made in Germany in the early 1800s. They were made pastry and sugar.

What do you know about Easter and why it is celebrated? How do you celebrate Easter?

See the source image

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Music in Year 6

This half term in music we have been working on writing and performing our own raps in pairs or small groups. Each rap has a different theme and includes verses and a chorus.

Each week we have added to our raps and we are now up to recorded and performing them using a microphone and a backing track.

What is the theme of your rap? What helped you to write it?

Image result for rap

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Life Caravan

Last week the Life Caravan came to Oxford Grove and Year 6 took part in a workshop all about making decisions.

What did you learn Year 6? 

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Parent Calculation Day

On 20 March 2019, our school (Oxford Grove) did a parent calculation day. On this day our parents came to our school to us whilst we were learning maths. My dad came and helped me with some of the maths problems and we also played a game where we had to match up equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. We had a lot of fun with our parents in school. I would love for this day to come again.

By Salman

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Parent Maths Morning

I loved when the parents came into the class and they could help you. It was so cool to see your parents coming in through the door. I would like to thank Miss Harvey and Mrs Day for inviting the parents in to visit. I enjoyed it.

By Santiago


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Parent Calculation Day

Today at Oxford Grove we have invited our parents to come into school and to see what we do in our maths lessons. I really enjoyed parent calculation day because I got to show my mum all of my fabulous work in my maths book and she was really impressed. My favourite part of the day is when my mum walked through the door. I was really happy that she came!

By Fatima

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