Oxford Grove’s parents do Maths :)

This morning we had a Maths morning and parents were invited into our school to see how we learn maths and to help them teach us at home. In Miss Stockton and Miss King’s group we got to show the parents how we answer addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions using our written methods. Parents were given WAGOLLS to show them how we set out our methods and even got the answer booklets to mark their child’s work. It was a fantastic event and lots of adults across the whole school attended. Thank you to everyone for their support.

*What did you enjoy the most about this morning?

*Do you think this has helped your adult to support you with your homework at home? How?


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A Trip to the Mosque!

As part of our R.E topic this year, today Year 5 have visited a local mosque. The Zakariyya Mosque welcomed us for a visit this morning and we were shown around the different areas and given a lot of information about how Muslims use the Mosque to wash and pray. We were told about the 5 pillars of Islam in detail. All of this information will be very helpful for us, when we start to learn more about this religion later in the term.

What did you learn about today?

Can you remember the names of any of the 5 pillars?

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World Book Day!

Today is world book day and Miss Campbell’s literacy group have been writing book reviews and discussing why we love to read! We have come into school today as our favourite book characters and wrote about why we love these characters and their stories.

What is your favourite book and why?

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Zulu Dancers!

Today we have had a very exciting smiley reward, the Zulu Dancers!

This morning the whole school watched a performance in the hall. Following this, year 5 took part in a workshop and learnt a very interesting song.

Can you remember the name of song or any of the words?

What did you enjoy most about the performance?


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Football For Everyone!

This term we have taken part in a Football V Homophobia workshop!

See the source image

We learnt a lot about stereotypes and how it is wrong to assume football, and other sports, are only played by a particular gender.

What did you learn from taking part in this workshop?

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Changing Materials!

This term 5S have been taking part in weekly investigations to understand materials and their changes. We have learnt whether materials are soluble and insoluble, and how to separate different types of materials.

Can you remember the different methods we used to separate materials?


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Mad about Maths!

Last week, 5S did an assembly all about maths!

We wanted to help KS2 remember their times tables, as Oxford Grove have started a competition for the most improved this term.

We had fun learning and singing two songs: Jump and Times Table Rocks.

What was your favourite song to sing and why?

Did you learn anything from the assembly?

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Last week, the NSPCC came into school and delivered a workshop all about staying safe and speaking out. We looked at different scenarios and talked about whether they were okay or not. We looked into different types of abuse and different forms they could come in.

Can you remember any types of abuse?

We then watched a film about a boy who was neglected and had to look after himself? What did you notice in the film? How was the boy feeling?


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James Nicol


On Friday, James Nicol – an author – came to visit Oxford Grove. Upper Key Stage 2 were lucky enough to take part in a writing workshop. We created our very own creatures and produced a short story about them. 

We even got to read some of the books written by James Nicol! 

What did you enjoy the most about this workshop? 

Miss Stockton xx

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The Wreck of the Zanzibar!

Image result for the wreck of the zanzibar


Can you summarise in your own words what has happened so far in the chapters you have read today?

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