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This year in Year 3, we have completed two Art topics – one about cave paintings and one about still life. Which was your favourite topic? What did you learn? Which do you think you did the best in?

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We have been learning lots of exciting things in Music! We love our song ‘Shadows’ and we’re especially good at singing different parts in two groups. Now we are learning a new song from Moana – ‘How Far I’ll Go.’ … Continue reading

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We love Art in Year 3! We have completed some Stone Age cave paintings using watercolours and pencil. First, we researched different cave paintings that have been found all around the world from the Stone Age.  Then we developed our … Continue reading

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Over this half term, we have been working on our painting and drawing skills. We have learned how to use different amounts of water to create different textures and tones with watercolours, and how to blend colours together. We have … Continue reading

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