National School Sports Week 2020

The annual National School Sport Week campaign takes place in the last week of June every year to celebrate the important role of Physical Education and school sport in enhancing young people’s wellbeing.

This year, the Youth Sport Trust has teamed up with Sky Sports to run a national campaign which will aim to unite the country – families, schools, sport and businesses – in a celebration of the power of sport to bring people together, even during isolation.

The UK-wide campaign will challenge people to take on their families, friends and neighbours in virtual sporting challenges – helping them to connect in an unprecedented period of school closures and social distancing.

How it works

The organisation will provide everyone who registers with free videos and activity cards to help you plan a series of challenges across National School Sport Week at Home. You will receive these well in advance of the week itself so you’ll have plenty of time to plan your activities.

The active challenges will all have an emphasis on togetherness, inclusivity and wellbeing. They will be things you can do within the home, and where you can engage in straightforward virtual competition with friends, neighbours and family outside your home.

Take a look at this video to find out more.

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7 Responses to National School Sports Week 2020

  1. Eesa says:

    In my opinion i think that physical education is very important as it is necessary for the body’s development and flexibility. I really enjoy PE as it is fun , well football is the best out of all the games! Seen as though we are not together in school having fun with our friends we have finally got this opportunity to enjoy with our family. After breakfast I always encourage my family to join in the video, PE with Joe. He is really fun and is not difficult. I love PE !

  2. Aleksandr says:

    I think every child should do a few minutes of exercise each day to keep fit and healthy!

  3. Eshal says:

    I think everyone should do exercise to stay healthy and safe during then lockdown. And that everyone should do at least an hour or so.

  4. Eshal says:

    I think this will be that last time I do exercise at home because i’ll be starting school. You can do squats, jumping, jogging, press ups jumping jacks and even that pushing the wall activity Miss King gave us in homework I think yesterday. I do it all the time and its relaxes me sometimes.

  5. Alena says:

    Personally, I think P.E (Physical Education) is a very important part of our health. In P.E my favourite game is dodgeball and I like the running games too. Sometimes, I like to run around in my house to keep healthy and sometimes skip outside. During the day, I like to persuade my dad to come and play catch with me. This is healthy because sometimes we need to run in order to get the ball. P.E is great!! I would recommend that you get active too while we are stuck indoors!

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