National Thank a Teacher day – Wednesday 20th May 2020

This week on Wednesday, it is Thank A Teacher Day which gives you the opportunity to thank all of the amazing teachers and staff at Oxford Grove who have helped you and are doing an amazing job every day. There are lots of ways you can thank the staff at school for working hard to ensure you are safe, happy and also still able to learn.

Take a look at this Newsround episode all about thanking your teachers – I have listed some ideas below and would love to see some of them posted on the blog.

  • Create a drawing of your teacher.
  • Impress your teacher by videoing yourself showing off your talent.
  • Record a music video. If you love singing, you could share your version of a thank you song.
  • Create a card to say thank you.
  • Write a poem or letter.
  • Send them a message on ‘Teams’.

You could also think of your own ideas too.

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5 Responses to National Thank a Teacher day – Wednesday 20th May 2020

  1. Eshal says:

    I love my teacher so much because shes so nice, helpful, beaming, beautiful, calm, champion, dazzling, delightful, divine, fabulous, generous and happy!! I really like her and she deserves this *hugs*. Eshal 5K.

  2. Aleksandr says:

    I would thank Miss King for spending the year teaching me new things and giving us advice! Miss King is also very nice and caring.

  3. Eesa says:

    I am soo lucky to be part of Oxford Grove! It is a school which teaches me so much and gives us lots of treats ( pantamine, farm, zulu dancers and lots more ) All my teachers are so kind, caring and supportive. Thank you Miss King for everything.

    • Megan says:

      Thank you to all teachers reading this thank you for teaching us for a year. Thank you for being there when ever we needed you. Thank you for working at this school for so long. Thank you for everything.

  4. Eesa says:

    I like every single smiley reward. This school makes me laugh. I love Oxford Grove .
    Thank you teachers for teaching me thank you.

    By Eesa

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