Art in 5K!

This term, we have been looking at a new artist called Martin Cheek. Martin creates mosaics of birds. animals and many other things using a variety of materials.

Can you remember any materials he uses?

Our Art topic links to our History topic – Ancient Greeks – as the Greeks created mosaics using pebbles. We have been looking at Martin’s mosaics and interpreting them saying what they think are about and whether we like them or not.

Here are some examples. Do you like them? Why? Why not?

A Flamboyance of FlamingosPurple Cheeky BirdDay of the Dead Cat

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  1. Alena says:

    In our class we have been focusing on our new artist Martin Cheek. Martin is a mosaic artist who had produced many different designs. Most of his mosaics are of birds e.g. flamingos, parrots and peacock, those are all of the birds I know but I bet you there are many more where that came from. About a week ago Miss Lowe came into my Year 5 class and what we did we got a piece of card and we drew the parrot from the board and then Miss Lowe and a child poured the paint into the pallet and we started painting our bird in between the tiles. Everyone’s looked brilliant.

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