Smiley Reward!

On Monday, we were visited by the military men to celebrate filling the first side of our smiley chart! 

What did you enjoy about the reward?

Miss Longmore

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6 Responses to Smiley Reward!

  1. Megan says:

    I loved the big inflatable it was big and fun but there were a lot of rules.

  2. Oliver B says:

    I really enjoyed the smiley reward because it made me feel fit.My favorite part is when I did the team work building. We also did races and at the end we went on the inflatable obstacle course.I wonder what the next smiley reward will be?

    By Oliver B

  3. Aleksandr says:

    I loved the smiley reward because I got to do lots of exercises and got to do lots of games and even went on the giant bouncy inflatable.

  4. Eshal says:

    The smiley reward was amazing and the inflatable was so bouncy that I had to throw myself on the bouncyparts. When I was running I had lost my breath. by Eshal 4L.

  5. Tamanna says:

    Who enjoyed the military? I certainly did we got to do so many thing and army activities,my favourite part was the inflatable bouncy course.What was yours?

    By Tamanna 🙂

  6. Oliver B says:

    Today we went to the smiley reward because I filled the front of my smiley chart.It was the boot camp! Fist when we got outside we started with some exersise ( it was tiering) After that we did running and we did building.

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