This half term in Year 4, we have started our new topic called ‘What thrives in Halliwell?’ This is all about exploring the different plants, animals and habitats that live in our local area. 

Today we started our topic by looking at what plants and animals live in our school grounds. We went on a plant and mini-beast hunt. What plants and animals did you find today Year 4? What did you learn about where they live?

We are looking forward to learning more about plants and animals this half term!

Miss Longmore

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23 Responses to Science!

  1. Elsie says:

    We did a bug hunt to and I found a snail and a woodlise.

  2. 0272017ci says:

    We had a bug hint

  3. Inaayah says:

    We went for a bug hunt to. I found a snail and a wood louse.

  4. Aleksandr says:

    I loved the mini beast hunt it was fun even if I only found flies. I also hope everyone else had fun to!

  5. Alena says:

    In my group we found a little fly and we kept in our tub for a bit before we swapped around so it was fair. Then after we had swapped we found an awful lot of snails around the KS2 playground. We had a: magnifying glass, a tube and I had a little stick so I could poke around in the soil for centipedes. We also found: dandelions, daisies, buttercups and clovers. Some other groups had said they had found ivy but I really don’t know. In the KS1 playground I found a woodlouse which is really rare around our school.
    I had a fantastic time doing the mini beast hunt.
    It was enjoyable

  6. Megan says:

    When you learn about bugs you ask yourself questions like, How many bugs are on the earth? Or were there bugs before human on earth? Many bugs are tiny to the eye. Do you know what bugs eat? They can have a lot of leg or 0 legs bugs can be in different shape and sizes. What type of bugs have you seen?

  7. Lewis says:

    In my group we found a massive worm we put it in our tubs and didn’t let it out .Then we switched around. Then we went on to find some flowers and we found: Dandelions, buttercups and lots of other plants and animals. The most interesting bug to me was the massive worm because it hat lines and had brown inside of it and the worm came out of the circle.

  8. Nehal says:

    I really enjoyed the mini beast hunt in our groups we found some snails and some bugs.

  9. Rayhan says:

    Searching mini beast was amazing. It was very fun and we found lots off insects. We found them using microscopes.

  10. Sana says:

    Me and my group were on a bug hunt for mini beasts we were looking for snails, worms, fly’s, ants and spiders. It was fun!

  11. Eshal says:

    I enjoyed this science because I got to collect and hold plants and mini beasts. I found a maggot and ants. My friend Lewis found a big fat worm he picked it up and put it inside a container. What would you like to find out about mini beasts and plants. ByEshal 4L.

  12. Azraa says:

    I really enjoyed the mini beast lesson because we got to explore some different kind of insects and lovely flowers . We found insects all around the playground. My partners were called Zeinab, Barbara, Sana and finally Iman. Then Finally our lovely kind teacher told us that we can go to the KS 1 playground to find more insects and plants. After that me Alexander and Megan got to put the insects back to its safe place.

  13. Pedro says:

    I really enjoy science because we always do fun stuff like Inverterate , vertebrate and allot more stuff.

  14. Eesa says:

    We are learning all about mini beast . We went on a mini beast hunt. We was looking at dandelion and clover.

  15. Aleksandr says:

    I hope we get to do more hunts because hunts are always fun and you have to always think. If we do another mini beast hunt in year 5 I want to find more bugs! At the end I got to put some bugs away and I hope I found them a great place!

  16. Barbara says:

    I found : snails , worm, ladybirds , bees and wasps . This was a very good experiment for me because I love animals- it was amazing !

  17. Oliver B says:

    I really enjoy science because in year 4 you get to learn about mini beasts.

  18. 0272014st1 says:

    It was very fun looking for all of the different species of bugs. I can’t believe that I found a giant worm.

  19. Iman says:

    When we did the mini beast hunt, me and my group were finding insects and flowers .We had lots of fun! My class explored on the KS2 and KS1 playground. My friends found insects like: slugs, snails, caterpillar, ladybirds, maggots, wasps and bees. Did you have fun?

    By Iman

  20. 0272014zm says:

    I really liked this lesson because I liked the mini beast hunt. Now I know all about amphibians . Because I was in amphibians we all were in groups of vertebrates . Vertebrate is a creature that has a back bone.

  21. Veera says:

    I enjoyed the lesson because I really like plants and they calm me down! Me and my friends , Levi , Eshal and Megan looked every where to find the plants and Insects!
    I feel really proud of us!

    By Veera

  22. Romaisa says:

    I remember all the way back in Year4 when we did a bug hunt and we were into groups amd had to find w bunch of bugs on the playground.

  23. Abdur says:

    I remember when I did that it was really fun

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